Ships and Dip

So a lot of people have been doing this and it's something I wanna try xD
So comment a ship and I'll write a one-shot about it :3


11. Chiktor

So, this is Cho/Viktor Crum. For: IShipDramione ENJOY MY LOVELIES! Ü



Cho looked up, and saw Viktor Crum staring at her.

"Uh...... Hi?" She looked at him carefully.

"Will you go to the Yule Ball with me?"

"Are- are you kidding?"

Viktor shook his head. "No."

"Well.... Yes!"

Viktor smiled, cupping one of her hands in both of his, smiling faintly, and walked away.

Cho stood up, realizing what she just did. She had just accepted Viktor Crum's invitation to the Yule Ball! This was crazy! Not only was he way out of her league, she was also dating Cedric Diggory at the-


What would Cedric say? He'd be asking her soon, Cho was sure of it. He wouldn't be pleased to find out that his girlfriend already had a date for the Yule....

She turned and ran back into the Ravenclaw dormitory, before Cedric could come by.

"He just, walked up to me, I guess, and asked. I mean, should I have said no, June?"

June, a sixth-year Ravenclaw, was Cho's sister. Cho loved her dearly, and told her everything. June Chang was wise, and she always knew what to do, and she's readily sacrifice herself for something or someone she believed in.

"Well... That depends. How do you feel about Viktor? Comparing to Cedric."

"I guess.." Cho paused. How did she feel? "I don't know."

"Okay... Well, let's say Cedric and Viktor were in grave danger and you could only save one. Who do you choose?"

"Geez, June, why do you make this so hard?" Cho asked, giving her sister a playful shove.

June laughed. "Who do you choose?"

"Viktor.... I guess?" Cho's answer surprised the two sisters.

"Well, there you have it. Be glad you said yes. In the mean time, what are you going to do with Cedric?"

Cho closed her eyes. "I don't know," she whimpered.

"Good luck, lil sis," June says, laughing.

"I'll need it," Cho mutters, leaving the Ravenclaw dormitory.

"Cho!" Cedric squeals as soon as he sees her.

"Hi, Cedric," Cho says nervously. "Look, I don't think we, as on you and me, is really working out." She runs, making sure Cedric can't see the tears streaming down her face.

She ran into the library, where Viktor sat, reading a book.

"Vik-Viktor, do you love me?"


"Good." She says, planting a kiss on his lips.


Help! My ability to write has appeared to go out the back door! AHHH! yeah sorry... Hope y'all liked this. Love y'all

~ Grace Xx

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