Was it Fate?

Zoe's parents don't understand her dream to become a dancer. So when they send her to a prestigious school in Australia,she takes matter into her own hands. But what happens when she bumps into Ashton Irwin from 5 Seconds of Summer?


3. Chapter 3

A/N: Hey guys! What do you think so far? Don't worry,5SOS will be here soon! Promise!


I walked off the plane and into the foreign airport. After asking for directions,I found my way to baggage claim. I picked up my large red suitcase and moved out of the way. "Well,what do I do now?" I whispered to myself. I saw a Starbucks and was immediately craving a carmel macchiato I walked in and ordered my drink. As I was walking out,I knocked into this guy,spilling my drink all over him. "Oh,shit." I mumbled. "I'm so sorry are you ok?" I asked picking up my cup and tossing it in the trash. "Yeah,I'm fine." A thick Australian accent replied,I looked up and meet his light green eyes. "Can I buy you a new drink?" He asked. "Oh my god,Ashton Irwin just offered to buy me a new coffee!" I thought to myself. "Uh,yeah. Thanks." Was all I managed to get out. He appeared a minute later with a new carmel macchiato. "Thanks." I said as he handed me the cup. I thought that would be it,he would give me my coffee and leave,but he didn't. He sat down at the table with me. "So,I've spilled your coffee.." He giggled. "Would you mind telling me your name?" He asked taking a sip of his own coffee. "Zoe." I replied sipping mine. "Zoe,that's a cool name." He stated. "Thanks." I replied. "So,do you know the band 5 Seconds of Summer?" He asked. "Yeah. They're great. Especially the drummer." I said and adjusted the bracelets on my wrist. He giggled again. "That's me! I'm the drummer!" He said smiling from ear to ear. "Yeah,I know." I replied taking another sip of my coffee. "So,what's a pretty girl like you doing in Australia?" He asked and I blushed. "I'm uh,here for school." I said thinking of my parents. "Oh,where you going?" He asked sipping his coffee again. "Oh,uh Mountain High school." I said looking down at my shoes. "Oh,I thought maybe you'd be going to a some private school." He said,gulping down more coffee. "Yeah,no I'm actually looking into performing arts schools. I'm a dancer." I stated finishing my coffee. "Oh cool! Do you have a place to stay until you find a school?" He asked,throwing away his cup. "Ummm,no. But I have money saved to buy my own place." I replied as I threw my cup away. "Well,do you maybe wanna stay with me until you land on your feet?" He asked as we left the coffee shop. "But I don't even know you." I said pulling my suitcase behind me. "I think you do." He said winking. "C'mon my car is this way."

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