Never alone


1. Ch.1

I let my mind wander as I stared at his smooth tan skin, gorgeous emerald green eyes, and silky black hair formed in a flow. As I started to day dream about him, he looked at me! I quickly turned my head and stared down at my text book. Trying to be interested in Ancient Greece, with no success. I looked up at the clock and held my breath for the last two minutes of class. The bell rang, I ran out of the classroom as fast as I could. School is over. I threw my books into my locker grabbed my bag and headed for my bike on the bike rack. As I was hopping on my bike I saw him walking towards me but before he could say a word I turned and sped off down the road trying to escape to my house.

I know what you are thinking why am I running away from a hot boy coming up to me. But the truth is is that everyone is afraid of this boy I day dream about , Chase, but for some reason not me. There has been a rumor that he has been in boxing since he was 7 and he's now 16 that is 9 years of boxing! I think that's just his passion but others think that he a has a anger managent problem. I wonder why though.

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