New movella

One day when I was waking in the hallways I saw a new boy that kid of look like someone I new the boy look at me then he walkway


1. 5sos and 1d concert

On Ageist 11 2014 I had tickets to see one direction . On my way to the concert I listing to one direction . When I got to the concert 5 seconds of summer was pforming. When 5sos was done

5sos formed I when to go get a drink . When I was getting my drink I saw Harry styles form one direction he was to the bake stag then there was three girls whacking to him they ask for a picsher with him he send yes then when he was tacking the picsher he look at me waved when the three girl left Harry came to me and send do you what a picsher . I send yes then ask me do you what to go out with me after the concert I send yes .

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