Hot Smoking VS Strange Beauty

This is about Jasmine Willows. You're not so normal girl. She's 16 years old like most girls in every other romance story but this isn't just this love at first sight romance. Jasmine is that type of girl who doesn't really about much things; or so she says she doesn't but deep deep down she cares about a lot of things. She really loves to draw and has been doing so since she was young; she also has been playing the piano too. She really loves the playing the piano and does it a lot. Like I said she's just a strange beauty. On the other hand...

Aden Riders. Everyone knows him in the school; most of the girls melt and love him at first sight. He's just a smoking hot stuff like who wouldn't love him? He's the student council president which causes him to know a lot of names and personal things. He's really popular and is good at lots of sports but he really loves to play the guitar. Oh! He also loves to sing too which makes some girls squeal. He's just a hot like that. Seriously he is


1. First day of school...Yuck!

A/n: Hello! It's your author here...It's like my first time being here and writing a story here! So..Welp...I hope you like it cause I tried really hard plus I don't usually do Teen fiction...I regularly like writing Fan Fiction cause I find it more peaceful but Enjoy~ 


Chapter One: First day of school...Yuck!

Jasmine Willows


                        I walked down the halls of my new school; Glen View High. It seemed pretty quiet for a school or was it just me not talking to anyone? I couldn't talk to anyone though; it's not like I was mute it's just that I'm too shy plus I don't feel like talking to anyone at all. I could feel their stares at me as if I was some strange creation sent on this earth to roam and be free. Well...I kinda was a strange creation sent on this earth to roam and be free. That's how I picture myself though. Most of the guys kept staring at me well was it my butt? I barely paid attention to even noticed though; I just kept walking as if nothing was important to me. Actually; I just wanted to reach my classroom.


I was this close to making it to my classroom but then someone crashed into me making me to fall backwards and drop my books. Great..Worst way to meet someone. I ignored the person even though they were probably trying to help me up. The only glimpse I got was a pair of perfectly sky or baby blue eyes which I found rather nice but I still wasn't all that interesting in their looks. I picked up my books silently as I open the door to my classroom. The room I'll always be going too. -Sigh- I can't believe it... As soon as I opened the door all eyes looked at me as if I was a princess or a movie star...I felt quite awkward and I also felt an army full of butterflies in my stomach slightly attacking my gut with a nervous potion. Yeah...I didn't feel so good at that moment. Too nervous.


"Well...I guess we have a new student here class..." The teacher acknowledged my presence. "Mind telling us your name young lady?" She tilted her glasses; I could already tell that we weren't going to like each other for this year or two. I frowned lightly not wanting to do this..It felt so weird.


"Okay..." I commented calmly trying not to stutter as I walked closer to the front of her desk while taking some deep breaths in nervously. I fixed my clothes as I looked up at the rest of the class; their stares made me feel like passing out at that moment but I had to do this. "M-My...n-name i-is...J-Ja-Jasmine...W-Willows..." I stuttered heavily as felt my cheeks heating up a bit.


Shoot! I stuttered! Ah! I told my mother...I couldn't do this! Why didn't she listen to me?! Why can't I just be home schooled like seriously! I ca-can't do all of this introducing! I hope they don't ask me some questions?! I don't want to answer any questions! I don't know the right answers to say! Oh please don't make me have to answer any questions!?! I really don't!


I thought for a second as I was about to leave but the teacher asked the class if they had any questions for me and I started to breath a bit heavily once more cause I didn't want anyone to raise their hand plus I didn't know what to say for a question. Luckily no body raised their hand; Oh! How happy I am right now?! So overjoyed! The teacher made me sit in front of a girl named 'Mackenzie Rivers'. I watched as a hand shot up as I scanned the room before my eyes stopped in front of someone else's. Mackenzie seemed like a pretty girl. She had dark brown hair with hints of light brown in it and she had brown eyes that kinda sparkled in the dim light in the classroom. She seemed quite friendly. So I guess I could...try to talk to her...Well...One day I hope. 


I slowly walked over to the desk that was in front of hers. Sitting down slowly as I  placed my books in my desk carefully slightly hoping that this class would end quickly because I didn't want to do anything else but go to music class and Art class. I love those two classes like seriously I do. A small tap hit against my shoulder----what am I saying? A huge smack hit against my back making me to yell as the teacher looked at me with a little annoyed glare as I sent her a cold stare not caring about her but about my back that was probably red now. I quickly turned around to see who had done such crime as Mackenzie looked at me with a chuckle. No way. It couldn't have been her? Right?


"Sup? You're gonna be my best friend alright!" She spoke calmly as I raised a brow a bit.


"Y-You're wh-what?" I stuttered not used to talking to people since I barely talk.


"My best friend! I can sense that we were meant to meet each other!" 


"I-I se-see...We-well s-sup K-Kenzie!" 


"Omigosh~! I love that nickname you called me! Kenzie! AWESOME!"


"Ms. Rivers can you please calm your tune young lady!"


"Look here...this is is boring...Don't stop me from having fun!"


My eyes widen as I looked at Mackenzie who seemed to careless about what the teacher had to say. The teacher couldn't even do anything about it, she just continued back to teaching her class which was doing a bit bad with because I barely heard her voice and I didn't learn anything at all from that class but the bell did ring really quickly which brought joy to probably each of our faces. Who wouldn't be happy because the bell rung? It's telling us that we are free to leave this hell! I grabbed my stuff about to leave before anyone else but Mackenzie jumped on my back; I caught her as if I was prepared for that. I didn't ask anymore questions; I just gave her a piggyback all the way to the cafeteria. We were like literally the first one in there so we get our food first! YAY!


"Omg! I'm starting to love you right now! So....LET'S GET TO KNOW EACH OTHER!" Kenzie yelled as I took a seat down at a table not knowing if it was a special table or not. Kenzie looked at me as she frowned lightly with sadness in her eyes. "We can't sit at this table..." She muttered low as I stared at her as if she was crazy. I wasn't planning on moving so we were sitting at this table.


"Why not?...You better sit down..." I patted a seat beside me as she bit her bottom lip a bit before placing her tray of food on the table as she took a seat beside me. "Aye...What's wrong?" I managed to say without my mouth being full of that delicious pizza. Oh how the pizza was so good. Mackenzie looked at the doors of the cafeteria being opened as she glanced back at me.


"This is the popular table...I don't sit here cause I don't want any trouble with Britney and her group..." She answered before taking a bite out of her pizza as I furrowed my brow a bit looking at the table to see if it had any name on it but it didn't kinda had a J on it so that means it belongs to me! Jasmine! "Is that so? Well let them tell that to my laziness cause I'm not moving!"


I smiled at Mackenzie as she chuckled a bit; for some reason I felt like I've known her for all my life. She just seemed really cool also I stopped stuttering so I guess I'm used to her now..Wow that didn't take so long. Suddenly the cafeteria was filled with nose; so many people were talking that I could barely hear myself think even though I was just paying attention to my food. Mackenzie was smiling while eating my food which made me chuckle a bit. I wasn't expecting anything but then..


"Get off! This is not a table for loosers like you!" A female voice said as I watched as Mackenzie and my trays of food went sliding off the table. My eyebrow twitched a bit as I quickly shot my head up to look at the idiot who dared in their right mind to knock my food off the table. Oh I wasn't going to let them off with a warning but I know I will be left with a warning by the principal.



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