Tug o' War

One she hates. The other she loves. So why is this choice so difficult?
Wesley has never lived a perfect life, but things will get so much more complicated when two boys walk into her life.


4. Sluts and Jerks

Oh my gosh... I think I'm in love with a blond haired and blue eyed boy named Niall Horan. I sigh as I sink into my chair in the library. I had just finished showing Niall around. He had to go to choir, and I had a study period. He is just so perfect. I can't help but hope that he likes me too. He kept on glancing at me and looking away, but I'm probably overanalyzing things. I groan and force myself to pull my books out of my bag to work on my homework.

"Oh, if it isn't the little slut, Wesley!" A annoying voice pierces through my thought of balancing chemical equations. I roll my eyes and don't even look up before responding.

"Go away Jenna."

"Shut up you little whore!" Her voice sounds like a mosquito. I almost laugh at her.

"It's weird to talk to yourself, Jenna." I say dryly. She doesn't respond. I snort and look up at her confused face. How dumb can you be?

"Whatever! Just stay away from Niall! He's mine!" She flips her hair and wobbles away on her stiletto heels. I raise an eyebrow as she walks away and turn back to my chemistry book. Where was I? Oh, balancing chemical equations...


The bell signaling the end of school scares me as I jolt up. I was lost in the fog of learning! I know, I'm a nerd! I gather my books up and scurry out the door and towards my locker. My bus driver is really mean so I have to be on time or she will leave with out me. I sprint walk to my locker and begin to yank books out of my locker and shove them into my book bag.
 Done! Okay! I have 2 minutes before the bus leaves! I can do this. I can do this! I can d--

I fall backwards and land on my butt as someone harshly bumps into me. My books go everywhere as my backpack rips open. Crap.

I feel like crying until I hear laughter. I turn around to see who it was and soon all of my sadness becomes anger. It's the butthole from this morning!

"Your face!!! Oh my gosh! That was so funny! Almost as good as when I splashed you this morning! Aww!! Poor little baby is about to cry! I see you aren't as tough as you try to act! Looks like I already won!" He is cracking up as I just sit there gritting my teeth. His laughter continues until I have had enough.

"Shut up!!! Just shut up already!!" He looks startled by my outburst then he smirks.

"That's all you've got?" I don't respond as we have already had this conversation. I have the exact same feelings as I did before. Like hell that's all I've got. I smirk at his face and laugh hysterically. Finally he shuts up and looks a little frightened. Mission accomplished. He has no idea what's coming for him.


Hey guys!! Super duper sorry that I haven't posted anything! And I know this chapter is really short, but I had to ideas and I liked the ending, so... yeah.... Well, anyway, I feel like no one is reading my story so please comment/favorite/like so I can have a little bit of motivation! Thanks guys! I love yall!


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