Tug o' War

One she hates. The other she loves. So why is this choice so difficult?
Wesley has never lived a perfect life, but things will get so much more complicated when two boys walk into her life.


5. Just a Car Ride

Crap. I run up to the bus lane where my bus should be waiting. Is it there? No, of course not. Gosh, I hate that guy. What is his problem any ways? I blow a tuft of my thick, black hair out of my face. What know? I get our my phone to text Eliza when I remember that she is one the bus. Well, isn't this just fantastic!! *note sarcasm* I moan in frustration and throw my book bag onto the curb. I forgot that is ripped, and it promptly opens again. Once again, my books, paper, binders and pencils go everywhere. I bite my tongue and lean down to pick up my supplies again.

"Hey slut." A deep voice comes from behind me. I spin around. No one. I mean no one calls me a slut. Who does he think he is? Once, I take in who it is, I'm not even surprised. Of course it has to be him. Just my luck. It's that jerk, once again.

I glare at him. "You know what, dude, what did I even do to you?"

"You're just so ugly; I can't resist."

This really gets me. I never thought of my self as beautiful, but I don't think I'm ugly. I decide that he isn't even worthy of my response, so I spin around and stomp away. I have no idea where I'm going. Whatever, as long as it is away from that bastard. I grit my teeth as I hear him chuckling behind me. Calm, Wes. Calm. He isn't worth your time...

"Hey Wes, you need a ride?" I smile when I immediately recognize his voice. Niall.

"Sure, thanks." I respond without even looking over at him. When I do, my breathe is taken away. He has shed the plaid shirt he was wearing at school today. Now, he just hThatas a plain gray V-neck on. His hair is somewhat windblown, and he has on dark aviator sunglasses. Oh sweet baby Jesus.

"Wes? You okay?" Dang, he caught me staring.

"Oh, I'm fine..." I mumble as I get into the car, which, by the way, is a small black pickup truck. How do I always make a fool of myself in front of him? *mental face palm* We are about to leave when I hear someone clear their throat. Ugh... I forgot he was still there. The jerk.

"Not even a good bye?"

"In your dreams, bastard!" I roll my eyes and sigh. Niall just looks completely confused as to what is going on. I turn back to look at the jerk as we pull away. Wait, what? He looks... Disappointed? No that can't be right. We hate each other!  

"So... You gonna tell me what that was all about?" Niall questions as he glances over at me.

"None of your business." I snap. That came out a bit to harsh. Great going, Wes!!

"Sorry, you're right. Forgive me?" Niall says sincerely. Aww... He is too sweet.

"No, you don't have to apologize. I was being a jerk. I'm sorry. I just don't really want to talk about it." I say, and I truly am sorry.

"Forgiven! Just remember if you want me to beat him up for you, just ask." Niall says seriously.

I giggle. What the heck? Did I just GIGGLE? What am I becoming?! "Thanks, Niall. I'm sure you could beat him up!" What is wrong with me... I sound like a Plastic with their sickening flirting.

Niall smirks, "Thanks babe."

Oh my goodness.... NIALL JUST CALLED ME BABE! He gets my heart racing and this is just a car ride. I have a fangirl moment in my head, but I don't let my emotions show. I'm sure I would smiling and laughing like some demented hyena if I had let my emotions show.

Then something dawned on me, "Hey, Niall... Um... Where are we going? You don't know where my house it."

"Oh," Niall blushes bright red, "I was just going to my house, but just give me directions, and I will take you back to yours!"

"Actually, would it be okay if I stayed at your house for a little bit?" I cross my fingers. I just can't go back to my house when I know HE will be there.

"Sure, that would be great!" Niall turns and smiles over at me. I smile crookedly back.  Thank GOD, I can avoid him... At least for today...


HEY PEOPLE OF THE WORLD (OR MORE SPECIFICALLY, OF THE INTERNET!) So, who do yall think HE is? Any suggestions for what you want to happen next? Do you think Zayn was really disappointed that she got in the car with Niall? And isn't Niall just the cutest? Well, anyway, bye for now yall!!

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