Tug o' War

One she hates. The other she loves. So why is this choice so difficult?
Wesley has never lived a perfect life, but things will get so much more complicated when two boys walk into her life.


2. Gossip and New Guys

"I hate him. I hate him. I hate him!" I whisper shout to Eliza at our lockers. She looks at me and immediately drags me to the bathroom where we can talk. Being my best friend, she knows me so well that she can tell what I need just by looking at me.

"Okay girl, spill." Eliza settles in and gets ready for my story.

"Well, so far, this has been the worst first day of all first days."  I start off saying.

"Yeah, I can kinda see judging by the fact that you are dripping wet." That's what a love about her. Her ability to get straight to the point and say it how it is. "It was the Plastics wasn't it? Good gosh, I going to kill them! You don't mess with my best friend! I am going to go right now and--"

"No! Eliza, it wasn't them. Just wait and I will tell you the whole story. The Plastics didn't do anything, but I almost wish it was them instead of him..."

"What? It wasn't the Plastics? Well, I still hate them. With their boobs sticking out and their butts hanging out of their skirts. What do guys see in them besides sex? Well, that's all the care about anyway so-- WAIT!!! DID YOU SAY HIM!!?

"Yes Eliza, it is a guy now calm it down!" I say with a sigh.

"Sorry... Now continue with the story."

I sigh and roll my eyes before diving into the story. "So, I had to walk to school today. and I was already going to be late so I was basically running to school. I was just about to be at school when a car sped by and splashed a puddle of water all over me! "

Here Eliza stopped me, "What?! Who was it! those little--"

"Eliza! For goodness sake, let me finish!"

"Fine. Sorry. Go on."

"So, as I was saying, the car splashed water all over me. I was naturally furious. The car then pulled into the school, so decided to go give whoever it was a piece of my mind!" Here, Eliza cuts in with a 'you go girl.' She stops when I glare at her. "I run up to the car dripping wet and a guy steps out with his back to me. So I basically start screaming at him. Then he turned around, and oh Lordy was he hot! I was speechless. Like in awe of the hotness. it was like overwhelming how hot he was. He was like--"

"Okay! Wesley, focus! I got in, he's hot!"

"Yes, he was hot, he was--" Eliza silenced me with a glare. "Sorry. So I just kinda stood there staring at him. He, of course, smirked. That made me even more upset so I launched back into my tirade. He wasn't even apologetic! He even said I should thank him because I look better wet then I did before! So basically yelled at him some more. It was infuriating! He has the comeback to everything! I finally just walked away with all the dignity I had left. Gosh, I hate him!"

"Oh sweetie... I feel for you. When you see him point him out for me so I can go give him a piece of my mind!" I manage a laugh at this. Eliza wouldn't hurt a fly! She does have some pretty violent thoughts though! "Well, anyways, have you seen the new guys?" Leave it to Eliza to always bring the conversation around to guys.

"No. Did you not hear any of what I said? How I spent the whole morning being splashed with water and then yelling at the guy who splashed me?" I huff and glare at Eliza.


"No. I'm sorry. I overreacted." Another thing I love about our friendship, we can never be made at each other for long.

"So, the new guys..." Eliza says smiling. "They are so hot! They all came here together. Imagine that, a group of five hot guys who are all friends? How can life get better than that?" Eliza smiles into space at she visualizes the guys.

"Oh come on! That can't be that hot, no attractive dudes ever come to our school! Anyway, we know the Plastics will rubbing their little manicured paws all over the guys. The only question is, which guy will date which one of the Plastics? We have no chance!" I say with a sad sigh at the end.

"Well, way to be a party pooper! A girl can dream!" Eliza says and punches me lightly on my arm. I roll my eyes down and glance at my watch. Well this day just gets better and better.

"Oh my gosh!! Class is about to start! Come on! We have to run!" I have a miniature conniption as I pull Eliza out of the door and start to race down the hallway to class.

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