Tug o' War

One she hates. The other she loves. So why is this choice so difficult?
Wesley has never lived a perfect life, but things will get so much more complicated when two boys walk into her life.


3. Embarrassment and Jealous Looks

We burst in the door right as the bell rings. Mrs. Carnell gives us a disapproving look but doesn't comment. Eliza and I start to walk toward two seats that were empty next to each other. "Ahem." We keep walking. "Excuse me." We keep walking assuming Mrs. Carnell is talking to someone else. "Ladies!" We turn to see who got in trouble. Then we realize, she is looking at us. Oops. "As I was trying to say, do not sit down yet we have a seating arrangement." The whole class lets out a groan.

"Mrs. Carnell..." A Plastic says in a whiney voice.

"Do we have to? One of the jocks says.

"You can't make me!" The school bad boys complain.

The nerds just roll their eyes and hope to get a seat at the front of the room.

I look over to Eliza, "Seriously, my day has gone bad enough already!" She gives me a sympathetic look and opens her mouth to speak when the door flies open. Everyone turns to look wide eyed at the person who dared to walk in late on the first day of school in Mrs. Carnell's class too! I also turn and look. My heart stops.




He is like a god incarnate.

He is gorgeous.

I think I like him.

I know I like him.

I'm in love with his hair.

His eyes.

His perfect body.

"Sorry I'm late," he says.

Oh, that accent.

Wow, my day just turned around.

"My car broke down half way to school so I was running up here. I'm new here too so I didn't know where to go..." He trails off looking embarrassed.

"I will give you grace for today but do not let me catch you late to my class again," Mrs. Carnell raises a threatening eyebrow. "Now, Mr...."

"Horan. Niall Horan," he answers her unasked question.

"Mr. Horan, we were just sitting down. Now, Carly you sit here. Justin sit beside her and no you cannot switch seats. Jenna sit there. Eliza sit there." Here Eliza glances over at me with a 'Help Me!' look in her eyes; she has to sit next to one of the Plastics, Jenna. 'Sorry' I mouth back to her."Wesley sit there." I look regretfully back at Eliza one last time and slid into my seat. Mrs. Carnell continues telling my class where to sit. So far the seat beside me is still empty. "Mr. Horan you sit there." Here every girl in the room catches her breath until they see where Mrs. Carnell is pointing. The desk beside me. Oh my gosh. Wes, don't ruin this! Okay, I can do this. Be cool. Calm down. You're fine. No. No. I'm not. Goodness, he is so hot. Every girl in the class glares at me jealously except for Eliza who winks at me, as he slides into the seat beside me.

"Hey." One word from him causes me to freeze.

"Uhh... H-h-hey." Great going Wes. Real smooth.

I turn way in embarrassment when I hear him laugh. I feel a warm hand on my shoulder. "Sorry, did I do something wrong already! I'm such a screw up! Gosh, Niall! What's wrong with you dude!?" He actually sounds apologetic as he trails off talking to himself.

"Wesley. My name in Wesley, and no you didn't do anything wrong! I mean you're great. I mean you're perfectly fine. You're so hot..." I did not just say that... Yes I did judging by the smirk on his face. I feel my face heat up, and I once again turn away in embarrassment.

I jump as I feel hot breath on my neck, "You know, I don't mind being called hot especially when hot girls like you say it." I shiver and give him a small smile when I turn around. He smiles back, and we turn to face Mrs. Carnell. It's a miracle she hadn't already caught us talking. We didn't say anything else to each other throughout the rest of the class period until towards the end
 of class when Mrs. Carnell starts talking to Niall.

"Mr. Horan, since this is your first day, I assume you are still finding your way around. I think you need a guide. What about--"

"I'll do it!! I'll be his guide!" Jenna screeches, cutting Mrs. Carnell off. Desperate much. Mrs. Carnell sniffs and pushes her glasses further up the bridge of her nose.

"I do not think that will be necessary Jenna." Jenna puts her hand down and glares at Mrs. Carnell. Serves her right. "Now, as I was saying, Wesley, will you please show Mr. Horan around the school today?" I freeze. "Thank you." She says without waiting for my response. Oh no. This will not turn out well, but heck, he's so adorable! I just want to pinch his cheeks and kiss him all over... wow... Wesley... You need to calm down girl! All the girls in my class are already sending me jealous glares. Niall is, well, he's smiling. Huh, wonder why?

"So, can I see you schedule? So I can show you where to go?" I say as class ends and we walk out the doors. Eliza gives me a meaningful look as I talk to Niall.  Oh Eliza, she is always looking for a boyfriend for me! When will she understand, me and boys just don't mix!

"Here you go." Niall shoves his schedule into my hands and breaks my thoughts.

"Okay, Mrs. Lochaster, Literature. Looks like we have class together!" I examine his schedule and smile up at him.

"Lead the way Princess." Gosh I love his voice...

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