Winter Wonderland

Luke hemmings

This is heartwarming story about 2 lovebirds who fall in love as the snow falls... In a winter wonderland<3


1. The new stranger...

Hiya guys, this movella was created by me and my bestfriend let's just say tears were shed......:( we put Alot of thought into this and hope you love it!!!! This is a love story..... Have fun:)

Sky's P.O.V

My teeth were chattering I was walking down the misty road. The snow was falling heavily against the ground. My hands were full of food from the shop. I was trying to avoid the ice patches on the path, but me being a clutz as usual fell. I slipped and the bags broke. The ground was freezing I was about to help myself up when someone else did it for me. I felt cold hands wrap around my waist and lift me up. I turned around to see a boy with a pale face, bright blue eyes and chapped lips. He was gorgoues!!!

"Um... Thanks" I smiled at him as he picked up the bags and handed them to me.

"No problem, are u ok?" He was nice aswell as gorgoues...

"Yea I'm fine thanks" he smiled at me so I smiled back, it was really awkward.

"I didn't catch your name!?" He asked.

"I'm Skyler but call me sky" he let out a little laugh, by now my cheeks were probably as red as ever.

"Call me Luke" he bowed down to me. I let out little laugh. He was so handsome and nice.

"Here let me take those" I tryed to get the bags...

"No its ok... Ill carry them" he said. I walked with me the whole way home. It's weird cause I don't even no the guy but he was really nice. Luke-Luke I need to remember that name. I stopped at my driveway he handed me the bags and said...

"I'll see you later k?" My mouth fell open what the hell does he mean!!!!! ' I'll see ya later'. He walked of down down the road. He passed 2 or 3 houses then turned into his own.... So he was the new neighbor!!!!!!!!

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