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1. chapter 1

Kian's prov

I stand in the Kitchen as I watch Jc and others jump into the pool. "hello" this girl says to me, "hi" I say. "I'm Rickey's friend" I says "aww well nice to meet you I'm Kian" I say "I'm skyler" she says

Skylers prov

"I'm skyler" I say as I look at Kian as he looks out the window. Then he turns and looks at me and he smiles. "what" I say smiling, "just your really pretty" he says "well thanks" I say "wanna take a shot?" He asks "yeah sure" I say

After me having 13 shots of vodka and Kain only having 1 let's just say I was drunk and Kain wasn't. "Kian let's go jump into the pool" I slur "are you sure you want to?" he asks "yeah" I say stumbling to wards the pool. Then taking off my clothes so in left in my bikini and jumping into the pool then Kian joining me.

That was 2 years ago, Myself and Kian are now together and have been for 1 year and 3 months. Kain still lives with the boys and I still live with my dad and little brother.

We are in Kian's car on the way to his house, it's my birthday and Kian said he has my present in House. We get out the car and I take his hand as we walk into his house. I walk in and Sam, Jc, Rickey and Trevor shout surprise and pop party poppers at me. Then Connor comes walking out of no where with a cake and candles in it. They start to sing happy birthday, I can see Kian who has my phone and is videoing it on mine and his. "woo blow out the candles" Sam shouts. I make a wish and blow them out, and they all start screaming. "who want a bit of cake" Connor says and walks to the Kitchen and starts cutting the cake. "Sky I have your present upstairs" Kian says and we walk upstairs "can you tell me what it is?" I ask and he shakes his head.

Kian makes me sit in front of the camera so he can video it. "ok so it you didn't know it's it my beautiful girlfriends birthday today and I wanted you guys to see her reaction to what I got her" he says and I look at him as he says each word. "right here we go" he says and hands me a little box. "right this isn't something I bought for you but you always say you love them so yeah" he says. I open the box and it's one of Kian's shirts, "thank you I can add this to my collection" I say and Kian laughs. I pick it up and smell it "mmm smells like you" I say and give him a quick kiss. He then hands me the second box, "ok here you go my lovely" he says. I open the box and I pull a little black dress out. "thank you babe" I say and give him another kiss. Then there's another box and it's black heels ."thank youuu" I say and put the box behind me, "ok before I give you the card just know that I love you and always will" he says "what you've got me worried now" I say taking the card and opening it. I read the card and then read the piece of paper inside of it. It's been printed, but Kian has wrote on it at the top. "get ready to party hard and live while we're young in that little black dress cause we are going to the 1D CONCERT SO HURRY UP AND GET DRESSED ITS TONIGHT" I scream, I start jumping about. I jump onto Kian's lap and put my arms around his neck, "I love you so much" I say and give him a kiss

I have my little black dress on that just came to just above my knee, I put my make up on, I had left make up here the last time I stayed so I just used that. "SKYLER" I hear sam shout my name, "IN HERE" I shout back and he walks in and sits down next to me. "hi" I say, and he just stares at me. "Ok" I say and turn back to the mirror and continue doing my make up. "SKYLER" Kian shouts "she's in here" sam says back, "what are yous doing" Kian says walking through the door "well sam just came in here and watched me do my make up" i say "alright" he says. "YOU ARE LYING TO HER" sam screams at Kian. "What" I say "no I'm not" he says "yes you are, you said to me that you where going to brake up with her" sam says I stand there shocked "no sam JC was going to break up with Lia" Kian says "aww yeah sorry wrong couple bye" sam says and walks out the room.

We are in the stadium, and we have one of the rooms it's just me and Kian in it. Right now 5 seconds of summer are playing, I'm dancing about to 'she looks so perfect' and Kian is sitting down on his phone, I stop dancing and stand in front of Kian "are you going to just sit there on your phone the hole night?" I ask him he laughs "what do you want me to do" he says "dance with me" I say "anything for you" he says

Somehow Kian got me on his shoulders, I hold his hands and sing along to 5 seconds of summers last song 18. Once it ends Kian puts me down, "so are you having a good time" Kian asks "yes I am thank you for bringing me" I say and I kiss him. "KIANN SKYLERR" someone shouts. I turn around and all the British youtubers and some American are in the next room

We ended up going into there room and watching the show from there, I have my arm around Tyler Oakley waist and he has his around my neck. We hold our phones up with our flash lights on and sing along to little things.

"You having a good time" Kian says putting his arms around my waist and leaning his head on my shoulder.

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