Welcome Home

Anger problems in a house full of famous boys, will 18 year old Chika be able to cope with the stress?


4. The Awakening

Chika's P.O.V

Slowly the darkness began to fade and stood there hovering above me my parents and the 4 boys I had seen right before I blacked out.

"Personal space" I said in order to break the tension. But before I could add anything else I was attacked by hugs and apologies by all of them even the boys. I pushed them off me, took some time to get my breathing back to a regular pace before calmly asking "Who are you and why are you touching me?" My mum knows that I don't really take well to strangers coming in physical contact with me. They exchanged confused and worried looks I had to step in once again this time saying " it's not as if I have amnesia or anything. You are my mum" said pointing at her. "You are my step-dad. The only thing is I don't know who you are" gesturing towards the awkward looking boys. They were all pretty hot especially the one with the purple hair, but nothing could distract me from the scared looks in their eyes. How could 4 boys I have never seen before seem to care for me this much? I was so confused.

They would regularly open their mouths to speak but nothing would come out. I swear this was getting on my nerves. "Can you just spit it out?" I shouted knocking them out of their trances. Finally dad spoke up, I say spoke up but it was barely a whisper. "They are your step brothers". It was now my turn to be in a trance.

My breathing increased, my palms became sweaty and I was beginning to shake. I knew what was coming next but I had to keep it in, for mum. 5 simple everyday words can change everything. Out of nowhere the future I had imagined for mum, dad and I came crashing down on top of me. I stood to my feet taking a few baby steps. My eyes started to tear. That's when I lost all operation of my own body. It was just a blur.

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