Welcome Home

Anger problems in a house full of famous boys, will 18 year old Chika be able to cope with the stress?


2. Speech, Speech

Chika's P.O.V

I never realised how comfortable it would feel being in a family. We, mom Jason and I, sat at our table talking about nothing and whatever until I remembered that if we don't do the speeches then we won't be served the food. So I excused my self from the conversation to set up a slide show of pictures I made for my speech. As I am quite terrible with computers I told Stephen, the best man, to start with his speech. I didn't know him that well but I knew he was close to Jason so I tried my hardest to pay attention to what he was saying. I failed. In my defence his speech was long and filled with stories about the olden days and some band I've never heard of before who were my age. Even before Stephen finished his speech I started the PowerPoint to put everyone out of their miseries. You're welcome.

Picture after picture, memory after memory. It was hard reliving again but as most of the audience were already in tears including mom in knew I had to stay strong. Then it hit me. The entire room was silent. All eyes were on me. I had to begin speaking or I would break down.

" if it was me in the audience I would probably zone out in within the first sentence so I'll keep it short. Mom I love you so much I can't even put it into words, but that's mostly because of my limited vocabulary" I said earning a light chuckle from the crowd. " I am so glad you have found a man who won't leave you just because he feels like it or is ready to move on. Your finally growing up mom" i softly laughed to stop tears from falling. "And Jason if you leave her you will be sorry but I know you won't so you have nothing to be worried about. Mom you've done well. You now have a husband. One that will love you none stop, one that care for you always and one you know will never put you in harms way. So I'm just gonna cut it short by saying Jason welcome to the family and can I call you dad?" By this time I didn't even realise the tears streaming down my face.

My family is complete. We won't live happily after but we can try.

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