Welcome Home

Anger problems in a house full of famous boys, will 18 year old Chika be able to cope with the stress?


3. Re-location Re-location

Chika's P.O.V

With all the stress of the wedding I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Chika Manami Charlie Yozura-Clarke. I am half Japanese and half Australian. Chika means scattered flowers. Manami means affectionate beauty. Yozura means night sky. After my mom and Jason got married we decided to take both names. I am 18 years old and training to be a kick-boxer. I have anger issues but they have calmed since the wedding. Currently we are on route to our new house.

Jason is quite successful in his line of work. He owns a record label. If I was more into music I would ask who is signed with him but I couldn't care less.

We arrive at a huge black gate. I'm not sure what happened next because Jason stuck his head out of is window and the gates began to open. There was still a 5 minutes drive to go. The road was now a very load gravel but wasn't load enough to distract me from the lake glistening through the trees. Slowly we pulled up to massive house. It was amazing. It had 4 floors not including the attic, a basement, a sauna, a gym, a games room, and indoor and outdoor pools. Once again it was amazing. I was quickly snapped back to reality by mom slamming the car door. She must have found me drooling I've a house quite weird.

I was well and truly overwhelmed by this house and it had a private lake. Wow.

"Chika all your stuff is already in your room it is the second biggest in the house. I hope you don't mind the attic it is really big and has its own bathroom" Jason yelled even though we were standing right next to each other in the lounge.

"Thank you dad there's no need to shout next time" I answered yelling also. I left the room taking the trek up the stairs. It felt like forever but I was too busy taking in the house's beauty to care.

I finally reached a door covered in police tape and nuclear warnings just like at the old house. One step for Chika, one giant leap for Chika kind. The room was indescribable but summed my personality up perfectly. The walls were a deep purple but were covered in different types of warning signs. The bed was huge. There was a TV on the wall across from my bed. There was a desk with a new laptop, desktop, phone, camera and tablet. I was in heaven. There was also a mini fride and a walk-in-wardrobe. There was a dressing table covered in police tape and lined up on the ceiling, some old and new skateboards. I loved it so much I couldn't help but scream. It must have been loud because 4 boys who I have never seen before flew into my room. I was so scared I tripped over a box and hit my head on the side of the desk. Before I knew it I was out.

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