Happy Birthday Dear Miss River

A birthday present for River. Happy birthday.


2. In which Ninja was eating chocolate cake

Ninja's POV

Hm. What to do. I've done my homework, cleaned my room, now what? Hm.

Suddenly a message came up, from Ender:

Ender: Hiiii!

Ninja: Hiya!

Ender: Do you want to come on the Minecraft server?

Ninja: Sure! I'll meet you on our Skyblock, minecraft master!

I opened my applications folder and clicked on Minecraft. Man, do I remember those days I was ADDICTED to Minecraft?!?! Good times...

After a while, I got onto the server, and I saw Ender on our island.

"Ender! Do you want me to build a Sherlock statue on our island?" I laughed as I typed the message to Ender on the Server chat.

"Of course! ....not." Ender laughed.

Before I say anything, my mum called me for afternoon tea.

"Oh Ender, I have to go now! I'll come back ASAP!" I messaged then quit Minecraft.

"Cya~" Ender answered, working on the new farm that we are building.

For desert after dinner, my mum served chocolate cake.

"Wow, this chocolate cake is delicious!" I said as I gobbled the cake down. There was  chocolate smothered all over my face. It was my Mums birthday cake, since it was just her birthday. I wonder if any of my friends had a birthday coming soon. I went on my Spongebob calendar since I was forgetful and flipped the paper to September. My eyes scanned the dates but there were none. Suddenly I saw a scribble on 12th September. I rubbed my eyes and looked closer.

"River's Birthday!"

Wait, what?! How could I ever forget? Oh wait, I am forgetful after all!

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