Happy Birthday Dear Miss River

A birthday present for River. Happy birthday.


5. In which another year has past

Ender is not in where she was lived a year ago. Nope. She's now in a certain Asian country that is 5 hours later than where Ninja and all other friends lived.

She currently does not go to school so in other words she's mostly free. All the time. On her laptop.

Back to the topic. Ender was on her laptop (a complete different spot from where she lived before, but still messy), she opened messages, since she simply could not stand the red symbol on the messages icon saying that 32 messages have been received, but unread.

Yes, of course, the familiar icon of spongebob. Ninja has been spamming again... It seemed that she have the habit of sending words instead of sentences.

Ninja: River

Ninja:  i got something

Ninja: a surprise

Ninja: for you

Ninja: tomorrow

Ninja: very surprise

Ninja: why did i tell you

Ninja: SHHhh nothing happened

Ninja: well like

Ninja: it's your birthday on Saturday right

Ninja: right

Ninja: yes

Ninja: yes so

Ninja: i got something for you


and so on it continues, of Ninja trying to tell/hide/whatever the surprise that she prepared for River, for her birthday.

This reminded Ender that it is THIS TIME OF THE YEAR AGAIN.

Yes, well if it wasn't Ninja's reminder I would forget about the date again... oops.

Here's Ender's congratulations to River, on the other side (not really if you actually look at the map) of the world. She's going to pretend that she didn't forget River's birthday again but of course it was all written above.


Happy birthday, River. Love and lots of gay couples. Yes I believe that was necessary. 

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