Happy Birthday Dear Miss River

A birthday present for River. Happy birthday.


4. After words


So yeah! Happy Birthday, River~!

Hope you enjoy this (badly composed/not even logical) movella, and congratulation!

Me and Ninja did spend quite a bit of time to wrote this, but it turns out quite wrong(?). It's probably not the best movella we could give you, although I still hope you enjoy your birthday. :D

*most of the what we wrote is partially not true... Just to make it dramatic. (please don't judge.)




Happy Birthday, once more :) 

Yeah....it was Enders idea for making this movella, so thank her :) (I made the really...weird...cover....)(Ender: Hey don't say that, it's good to me :D)

I hope you really do have a good day, but it's almost over....but oh well. Enjoy being 14 River :D :D :D :D :D 

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