Happy Birthday Dear Miss River

A birthday present for River. Happy birthday.


1. In which Ender was sinked in the doom of boredom

Ender's POV

It was about 7 P.M,  I was listening to vocaloids while randomly browsing on the internet. The only light source in the room was the laptop, but I don't really care and went on with it. Today was rather normal, nothing important. I wasn't surprise to find any internet friends on the chat, since it was the work days and it's probably in the middle of night all the way in America.




I decided stop this boring nonsense and immediately opened Messages. 


To: spongebobninja:

Ender: Hey Ninja~

Ninja: Why hello there :D

Ender: You got any stuff to do? I am kinda bored.

Ender: I finished my homework, if you wondered.

Ninja: IKR? the teacher didn't really give us any homework XD

Ender: Ya.

As soon as I send out the message, there was a (kind of) awkward silence on there, so I asked:

Ender: How about we go on the server?

Just as I hoped on Minecraft, she answered:

Ninja: sure :d

I smiled clicked open the server we usually went on, and met her there.

For ten minutes or so both of us are just wandering around our island, constructing our new farm. Suddenly my phone vibrated and made me jump, the little character on the screen fell off the edge of the island, down it goes with a half-gone stone pickaxe and a stack of cobblestones.

I sighed and paused the game for a second, and began to scattered through my paper mess on the desk to find the vibration source at the bottom of them.

At first I thought it was a text from Defy, but the dim light clearly shows:


Well that's not exactly helpful.  swipe through the screen to check if there is any more information, because I don't remember a thing about a special event that happened or going to happen for today or tomorrow. Maybe I was in a rush so I didn't even bothered naming it but only set up an alarm.

Then Messages pop up just in time, and it was a message from Ninja:

Ninja: Ender! You fell off D:

Ninja: ...Ender?

Ninja: Are you still there?

Ender: Oh yeah it's fine

Ender: ...I guess??

Ender: My alarm went off and it says "Alarm." I don't remember anything events that is going to happened.

Ninja: Hmmm.

Ninja: Isn't it River's Birthday tomorrow? That's the only thing I know.


Of course it is.  How can I even forget? It's around 7:45 already, I'm probably not allow to go to supermarket to get anything for her now.

If it was someone else I'd probably just say "Yeah, sorry about that, I forgot your birthday XD" but I kind of want to prepare something nice for her since she was a really nice friend. I like her, well, as a friend. River is a real nice person, and also very talented, of course. 

I rubbed my eyes and started to think about what to give her. A nice present that she would like. Something special.



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