coffee stains // l.h.


2. prologue

may 1st, 2010

"yeah ok, mom. mhmm, i got it ok? bye." celine sighed as she pushed the door open with her back. the smell of ground coffee beans and whipped cream filled the air. she walked to the counter and ordered an overly priced green tea frappuccino.

"green tea frappuccino for celine" was shouted throughout the store a few minutes later.she stood up and retrieved the cold drink from the barista and sat back down in the corner as people filed in. it was a thursday and it was 8:47 in the morning so people were in obviously in a rush to get to work.

celine hated mornings. she was dreading the day when she had to get a job because it required her to wake up earlier than 12:00 PM. however, her mom thought otherwise and pushed her into getting used to waking up early, hence the reason why she's in a overly priced café at 9:00 AM. celine thought her mom was just straight up evil like most teenagers did these days for the sole reason that she wouldn't let her sleep in 'til noon. she mentally groaned thinking about having her mom wake her up at 8:00 AM again tomorrow. celine's mom probably didn't care that celine was wasting tons of money every morning by buying "breakfast". her mom just wanted her to get out of the house because she thought celine was in desperate need of exercise even though celine was skinny as hell. she was basically forced into walking 45 minutes every morning because she didn't have her driver's permit just to get some food at the closest café or restaurant which just so happened to be starbucks, the most expensive place on earth.

the brunette yawned for what seemed like the billionth time this morning and stood up. she rubbed her eyes in attempt to wake herself up and prepare herself for the 45 minute walk back home. she didn't need to wake herself up however, because a blonde boy with a very attractive accent just so happened to trip over his own feet and spill his scalding coffee all over celine in the process.

"you have got to be kidding me." celine thought.

"oh my god, i am so sorry." the boy snatched tissues off the table and attempted to clean off celine's graphic tee shirt, not realizing that he spilt it on her chest. celine coughed and the boy looked up nervously, "hi, fuck you. your rubbing all over my boobs right now." the boy's eyes widened as he looked back down to where his hands were placed right before she slapped his hands off of her chest. "thanks for your attempt to flirt or do a kind service or some shit but now you messed up a perfectly nice shirt so you can go fuck yourself in the ass." celine grabbed her frappé off of the table and stomped out of the café, with the boy in tow.

"wait! i'm sorry! i didn't mean to i swear." the blonde boy grabbed celine's hand and she stopped instantly at his touch. she turned around with a scowl on her face.

"and why would i believe that, considering the fact that i've seen your scandalous face all over the internet."

"because i'd never ruin my chance with a girl as beautiful as you." he winked. celine felt her face heat up and she looked elsewhere and tugged her arm away from the boy. however his grip was firm and he smirked. she struggled against his hold and the boy finally let go after he had enough fun.

"look im not in the mood for your meaningless compliments right now, okay?" she frowned at him.

"meaningless? sweetie, i mean everything i say," the blonde moved closer until his lips were by her left ear. "and right now, your bra is an extremely nice shade of blue." celine's face burned up and her eyes widened as she shoved the boy away from her face.

"g-get away from me! what makes you think you can just say that kind of stuff to random people?!"

"you're not just a random person, you're the person that i spilt coffee on. and for that, you've become my new best friend."


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