coffee stains // l.h.


1. authors note

is it hi or hey?

haha anyways, hi guys! so i've decided to finally start my first story on this account and its thanks to the inspiration that my cousin and 5sos are. my cousin celine is amazing and i did ask her opinion on all of this (what she would wear on a daily basis, what she would order at cafés, restaurants, how she would react in situtaions, etc.) her and i really ship cluke bummings 😂 and she said i made really good preferences so i should start a fanfic. this goes out to her, thanks celine for being fabulous. 5sos are also obviously a big part of this story so a gigantic thank you to them for doing what they're doing and being amazingly talented and making incredible music as well as girls scream. they might be a little ooc ( out of character ) in this story, just warning you. :)

hope you guys enjoy this story as i have worked so hard on it :)


p.s. i do try to update daily, but once school start, updates will become slow and might be once a week or month. please understand! thank you so much and enjoy!

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