If what we had was real...(Zayn Malik)

Rachael and Lindsey are two teens living in London going shopping drinking Starbucks.when the stunning boy band One Direction sits down with Rachael and Lindsey. Will Rachael (Rae) be willing to reveal her past to any of the boys? How about all of the secrets she was keeping from Lindsey?

***Involves self harm don't read if you don't like that stuff***

~my first fanfic please no hate~


1. just the beginning...

Rachael (Rae) 's POV

"Rae! Rae! Wake up! It's 8:30!!" Is what I woke up to this morning. First,I have a few things to tell you, Lindsey and I are besties and we share a flat here in London. sometimes she gets a bit annoying but I still love her. There are a few things she doesn't know about me,but you'll find out later.

"You have to be ready in 30 min so we can go shopping and get EVERYTHING done today" she said a bit too excited.

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