Love@ first sight

What happened?


1. the new girl

*you walk into class at your new school not knowing anyone at all and nervous as hell*

Teacher: ok class go ahead and chose your partner

*you nervously look around when you see a cute stranger walk up to you*

Stranger: hi I'm Luke

You: hi

Luke: come sit with me I noticed that your new around here and is like to show you around some time

You: oh ya sure

*you guys go sit together*

Luke: so do you know anyone around here?

You: no I berly came here I'm from the Australia

Luke: oh wow cool me to

You *blushes and looks down smiling*

Luke: so we should hang out some time since you don't really have friends right now

You: excuse me?

Luke: oh shit sorry I know that sounded rude but I didn't mean it like ..

You: I know what you meant :)

Luke: no really I ...

You:don't worry about it it's ok :)

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