Let's just say we have the paparazzi to blame for this...


3. Ch 3

Harry's POV


I was still furious at Liam for telling Gabby that I was scared of her dog. But I am also kinda sad about the fact that we were stuck in some strangers home, while we could be on our way to OUR own home. I also was kinda skeptical about this girl, I mean who lets 5 strange boys being guarded by a big dude with a taser. Okay maybe I was exaggerating about  the taser, but you get the idea.  

"May I use the restroom?" I asked.

" Ya it's right down that hall to the left." Gabby said.

I got to the bathroom and did my business. As I was washing my  hands i saw that she had one of those cool mirrors that when you opened it was a medicine cabinet. I've always wanted one so I opened it and what I saw made me cringe. I saw anorexic pills... It broke my heart, but I mean really she has a perfect body it just doesn't make sense. I looked closer at the bottle. Thank goodness that it only helped her, not make her lose weight. I finished washing my hands, and walked out to join the boys. When I entered the room I was hit with a wave of laughter. I stared expectantly waiting for them to tell me what they were laughing about

"Gabby was just telling  us how that she has never heard of our band." Niall said.

"Well why were you laughing...?" I asked, slowly biting my lip.

"Totally not because of you." Said Louis, obviously trying to hold in his laughter. 

I sat down angerly on the couch. My mind racing through all the memories they could have told her about. I looked up at Paul hoping to get some answers. He just slowly shook his head as if say, "Your on your own kid." 

"What were you guys talking about?" I asked expecting the worse.  As I braced myself they said,

"We were talking about the time someone threw something at you and it hit you square in the nanners." Zayn said.

I quickly felt the blood rush to my cheeks. Well that wasn't the worse secret they could tell her. The thing is, she's a girl.

"I guess just love me in that department." I said as I did my classic cheesy smirk.

We said some more laughs before I asked Gabby where we could all stay.

"Well I only have about 4 bedrooms not including mine..."

"I can sleep on the couch." Paul said.

"Paul no it's okay i'll slee-" Gabby was cut off short by Paul.

"No it's okay." Paul said gently.

"Well I don't wanna burst anyone's bubble but you only 4 bedrooms and there's 5 of us..." I said.

"One of you guys will have to sleep with me in my bed..." Gabby said.

We all just acwardly stared at each other, till we finally just looked at Paul.

"Ummm Harry you go." He said after some very long stares.

I looked at him stunned, but grabbed my suit case and walked to her bedroom.

Well this is gonna be interesting...


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