Let's just say we have the paparazzi to blame for this...


1. Ch 1

Zayn's POV




"Zayn SHUTUP, we are going as fast as we can."

"Obviously not fast enough." I said just low enough so that nobody could here me. Everyone thinks that paparazzi are nice people, HAHA no... Don't get me wrong not all of the paps are vicious gossipers. But the ones that were chasing us were.

"Turn into that driveway. Yeah that one right there." Paul said.

"But that's not a hotel or somebody we know?" Now it was Nialls turn to worry.

Paul was obviously tuning us out. So I told Harry to see if they were still following us.

"They are stuck in traffic, HURRY!!"

"TURN INTO THE STUPID DRIVEWAY!!" Paul screamed at the driver. We had to lean to the side as we turned. We pulled into the long, rock driveway.

"Go behind that fence." Paul said.

This time I had to grab onto Liam to keep myself from falling on the floor. I looked around me since we stopped. We had gone strait into the driveway and behind a fence in the backyard. I turned around to look and see if everybody was okay. I saw a confused/scared Niall. Harry's face was priceless, he looked like he was trying not to be scared, so he had that save your pride face on. I saw Louis and Liam talking to each other quietly. I was wondering what was scaring Harry so bad? I followed his gaze to see a BIG brown and black dog growling at us. He looked mad,the dog, not your normal 'Maybe I'll punch ya, maybe not' this was 'Your not getting passed me you stupid idiots'. I looked behind us and saw the paps go by.

"I just saw them go, Paul. What are we gonna do now?" I asked.

"We are going to go ask the nice people of we can stay a while." Paul said.

He sounded like he was trying to convince himself more than us. We walked up the side door and tried avoiding the dog. We knocked and nobody answered we knocked again. Someone finally opened the door. I was waiting for the obnoxious scream, so I wasn't looking.

"Hi this is One Direction, and I'm Paul. Is it okay we we stay here a couple hours? We were trying to get away from the paparazzi. Can we come inside in case they come back?." Paul can be gentle sometimes.

"Why won't he look up?" A girl voice said. Louis hit me hard on the back. I looked up.

"Sorry." I was slowly studied her features. She was shorter than me. She had her long brown hair in a pony tail on the top of her head. It looked like she had been crying, because she had big puffy eyes. She seemed to be younger... a lot younger. I don't know maybe 14/15. She was wearing a crop top showing off her flat stomach and some jean shorts.

"Hold on." She said as she went back inside. We all looked at each other, obviously wondering what she was doing. She told us to come inside, finally. She came out of the bathroom and looked a lot better now.












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