Million dollar girlfriend

One word to describe being Niall Horan's Girlfriend.


And it's not for all the obvious reasons you might think. I can handle the hate. I can handle the fans and I can handle having no privacy too.

What's complicated is that he doesn't know the truth.

One Direction's management hired me.

I was hired to be Niall Horan's fake girlfriend.

Right now you probably think I'm a real bitch. But you haven't heard the full story.

My name is Casey Evans. I was homeless. I might as well tell you out straight. I lived on the streets. I didn't have a penny to my name and had to spend the cold nights on a wet, dirty pavement.

That's why when I was asked to do it I accepted straight away.

They took me off the streets, gave me a home and gave me a totally different look. Then for the best part.

I was going to be payed. Payed a lot. They were going to pay me a million pounds and all I had to do was pretend to fall for a guy. A famous guy.

A month was all I had to last.

In the end things didn't turn out so simple...


7. Chapter 6

* 3 days later *

So Niall and I have been texting quite a bit lately. Well actually a lot. But he hasn't mentioned anything about catching up soon and that makes me heaps nervous. Like what if he doesn't end up liking me and the plan doesn't work? Ugh. I don't even want to be apart of this plan anymore. Like yeah it's good money but at the end of the day it's not particularly worth hurting Ni. He's a sweetheart and I'm the bitch, dating him for money. I honestly am starting to develop actual feelings for him, though I can't be sure after what... A week?

I sat annoyed on my couch, texting Niall.

From Niall:

What are you doing this fine day? xo


Probably nothing ahah. Ugh.

From Niall:

K you're coming to mine. Get hear ASAP! Boys are driving me insane! Ahah I love them but I swear one day I'll murder them. See you soon! Oh and bring swimmers xoxo

Reply: Okay? HAHA. I'll leave now :)) wait I need your Address.... xxx

From Niall: 42 Jordan street x

I quickly chucked my swimmers on underneath my loose singlet and some shorts.

I grabbed my phone, keys and wallet and put them into a small bag, along with my sunnies and lip balm. I hoped into my car and swiftly turned the key, as my music blared.

* 5-10 minutes later *

I walked slowly to the front door, not exactly sure if this was even the right house. I knocked somewhat quietly. After a few seconds there still no sign of anyone in side the large house. I texted Niall and he read it but no reply. About a minute later Niall opened the door - shirtless, might I add ;)) it looked like he'd been swimming or something.

"Hey Casey" he smiled his charming little smile.

"Hey hey" I said back.

"Come in, come in. Feel free to do as you please here. Honestly we don't care" he laughed.

I laughed and followed him in.

"This place is really nice" I exclaimed looking around at the Modern house.

"Glad you like" he smiled "you coming in for a swim?" He continued.

"Defiantly! I love swimming" I smiled.

"Do you need to get changed?" He asked.

I shook my head no, taking my singlet and shorts off. He awkwardly stood there, which made me laugh making him more comfortable. He grabbed my hand and guided me out to the pool.

"Hey boys. This is casey. Casey this is Louis, Liam, Zayn and Harry." He said pointing at them all. I don't think he knows that I actually listen to their music and know a bit about them hahah.

"Hi" I smiled and waved.

All the boys waved except for Louis, who swam to the edge and held out his hand.

"Pleasure to be of your acquaintance" he spoke. I laughed and walked over to shake his hand. He reached for my hand and pulled me into the pool, laughing.

(Ugh half of my chapter deleted itself :( and I'm super tired so it will be a short crappy end but next chapter should be up tomorrow and I'll try and make it as long and good as possible. Sorry!)

We spent a couple of hours in the Poole just talking and swimming. Niall and I got back at Louis ;)) we pretty much attacked him with water guns and nerf guns and all the other boys joined in aswell.

We were now dried off and inside and we had all changed into our normal clothes.

The boys felt like watching a movie so we all set up in there home theatre in the couches. There wasn't enough room for all of us so Niall and I were sharing a blanket and watching from the floor. The boys wanted to watch mean girls (yes, the boys choose that one HAHAH :')). After about twenty minutes I was already starting to doze off. I tried my best to stay awake knowing I would be driving home. Niall cuddled into me more and held me by my waist.

"You can go to sleep love" he whispered.

"I'm okay. I have to drive home so it's probably not a smart idea, but Thankyou" I gave him a genuine smile.

"Just stay here?"

"Are you sure? I don't want to be a pain in you and the boys' arses" I whispered back.

"Honestly it's fine. You're obviously tired so just sleep" he whisper laughed.

"Thankyou Ni"

He was still holding my waist and I cuddled into him, laying on his chest. He kissed my nose, making me scrunch it up a bit because it tickled.

"Goodnight" I whispered.

"Sweet dreams" he smiled.

I closed my eyes, listening to his peaceful heartbeat, falling asleep to the sound of his breathing.

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