Million dollar girlfriend

One word to describe being Niall Horan's Girlfriend.


And it's not for all the obvious reasons you might think. I can handle the hate. I can handle the fans and I can handle having no privacy too.

What's complicated is that he doesn't know the truth.

One Direction's management hired me.

I was hired to be Niall Horan's fake girlfriend.

Right now you probably think I'm a real bitch. But you haven't heard the full story.

My name is Casey Evans. I was homeless. I might as well tell you out straight. I lived on the streets. I didn't have a penny to my name and had to spend the cold nights on a wet, dirty pavement.

That's why when I was asked to do it I accepted straight away.

They took me off the streets, gave me a home and gave me a totally different look. Then for the best part.

I was going to be payed. Payed a lot. They were going to pay me a million pounds and all I had to do was pretend to fall for a guy. A famous guy.

A month was all I had to last.

In the end things didn't turn out so simple...


22. chapter 20

I awoke to the sound of vibration. I rolled over, confused as to where I was. I pulled my phone out from under my pillow, as I slowly regained memory from last night. I opened my phone; 3:06am. I had 2 missed calls, both from Niall. I sighed and rang him back, entering another room, so that I wouldn't wake the boys or Mounia up.

'Hey babe', he said.

'Hey Ni. Why are you ringing me at 3 in the morning..?'

'Oh yeah.. I did ring you, didn't i?', he asked confused.

'Um.. Yeah.. You did'

'How would you, like to pick me and Caleb up from the pub, and take us to another pub?' He slurred.

'As much as I would love that, there is no way I'm picking you up, then taking you to another pub. I'll take Caleb to wherever he's staying, and bring you home, but not to another pub'


'No Niall. Either home, or I don't come at all', I said sternly.

'Fine. But can Caleb come back to my house though', he asked.

'I suppose so', I sighed.

'Yay! Thanks babe, your the best!' He said, still dragging out his words.

'Yep. Where are yous'

'Um.. I don't know actually' he giggled.

'Niall. I need to know where you are'

'Hey, what's the name of this place?" He said out of the phone.

'Its some place called four seasons', he said.

'Okay. I'll be there soon okay?'

'Okaaaay! I loooveeeee you!'

'I love you too', I said before hanging up.

I turned around and jumped, seeing a figure standing in the room with me.

"Who was that?", he asked. I recognised the voice as Louis'

"Niall, I have to pick him and Caleb up from a pub", I sighed.

"I'm coming with you"

"Oh no, you don't have to" I smiled.

"I know. But I'm coming anyway" he said.

"Thankyou", I smiled.

"Not a problem. Let's bounce"

I grabbed my keys, wallet and phone and we set off towards my car. I climbed into the drivers seat and turned the key in the ignition.

"So which pub are we going to?", Lou asked.

"He said it was called four seasons"

"Oh yeah, that's only about 5-10 mins away"

"Alright, who's music are we listening to?" I asked.

"Yours" he laughed.

I plugged my phone into my AUX cord and hit shuffle. The first song was Do it again, pia Mia.

We turned the volume right up and sung like crazy. We were dancing out the windows, and singing to people walking on the streets, as well as to eachother.

"I'm surprised you knew the words" I giggled.

"It hurts me that you would think otherwise" he fake mocked.

A couple of songs and plenty of laughs later, we arrived at the pub. I took a deep breath before grabbing my things and opening the car door, stepping out into the bitter air.

"Are you alright?" Louis asked, seeing my expression.

"Yeah I'm okay. Just haven't had the best experiences with alcoholics" I said briefly, not wanting to go further in detail.

We walked into the bar. Lou was behind me, with a hand on my back, guiding me through the people.

"Wait is that Caleb over there?" I asked, pointing to a figure, dancing with some girl.

"Yeah I think so. C'mon let's go over"

I nodded, and led the way over to him.

"Caleb!" I yelled over the music.

"Oh heyyyyyy" he slurred.

"Hey, where's Niall?" I asked.

"Niall... Uhh I think he's around the other side of the bar"

"Okay. Get ready to leave soon"

He frowned, then nodded, following us around the bar.

"I can hear him from here" Louis said.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"Listen carefully"

I listened for a bit, starting to hear the tune of little things. As we got closer, his voice became softly audible, him giggling every once in a while. We decided to stand and wait for him to finish singing, considering it was kinda cute, and the song was almost done.

He looked around the small crowd that had gathered around him and spotted us. He giggled and waved. He stood up with his guitar, and continued singing and playing as he walked through the crowd, towards us.

He stood in front of me as he sang, looking into my eyes. I stared back in awe, at him.

"Its you, oh it's you. It's you, they add up too, and I'm in love with you, and all your little things" He ended the song, singing to me.

He realised one of his hands and pulled me into a hug, and give me a short but sweet kiss. He handed the guitar back to whoever it must've belonged to, and said goodbye to the little crowd that he was performing to.

"Are yous ready to go?" I asked.

"I suppose" Niall huffed.

Louis helped the boys into the backseat of the car and we jumped into the front seat.

"That was cute" Lou said.

"He's such a dork" I giggled, "but I love him"

"He loves you too" He said.

"Don't ask me why" I laughed.

We arrived back to the boys house at 3:36 am.

We took Caleb back into the spare room and waited till he was asleep. Louis yawned and rubbed his eyes.

"Lou, go back to sleep" I smiled.

"No no it's fine, I'll help you put Niall to bed"

"Honestly, I got it. You need more sleep than me or Niall do. Go get some rest"

"Okay. Thankyou, Casey" he smiled, walking back to his bed.

"Alright, c'mon babe. Bed" I giggled trying to get him up.

"I don't feel like sleeping though" he whined.

"What do you feel like doing then?"

"Cuddling!" He smiled at me like a little kid.

He patted the spot on the bed next to him. I sighed, giving in, and climbed into bed with him.

He turned around to face me and he wrapped his strong arms around me.

"I loveeeee yoooou"

"I love you too, Ni"

He leaned in, placing a short kiss on my lips. He pulled back, then reconnected our lips again, almost instantly.

"Goodnight," I smiled at him.

"Goodnight baby."

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