Million dollar girlfriend

One word to describe being Niall Horan's Girlfriend.


And it's not for all the obvious reasons you might think. I can handle the hate. I can handle the fans and I can handle having no privacy too.

What's complicated is that he doesn't know the truth.

One Direction's management hired me.

I was hired to be Niall Horan's fake girlfriend.

Right now you probably think I'm a real bitch. But you haven't heard the full story.

My name is Casey Evans. I was homeless. I might as well tell you out straight. I lived on the streets. I didn't have a penny to my name and had to spend the cold nights on a wet, dirty pavement.

That's why when I was asked to do it I accepted straight away.

They took me off the streets, gave me a home and gave me a totally different look. Then for the best part.

I was going to be payed. Payed a lot. They were going to pay me a million pounds and all I had to do was pretend to fall for a guy. A famous guy.

A month was all I had to last.

In the end things didn't turn out so simple...


3. Chapter 2


Hey x okay two things..

1) Okay so I really want a cool edit for this fanfic. The winner will get to either be in my story or get to choose a character as one of the following: Harry's girlfriend, Casey's best friend, Nialls best friend, Liam's best friend, zayns best friend, Louis best friend, Harry's best friend or if you have an idea for a character that we both agree on than that. If your interested comment on this story and I will give you my kik username or my Instagram :)

2) I'm going to be a poo head and skip until the evening of the album release party where Casey meets Niall.

Thankyou all so much! I know everything is happening quickly but I also didn't want it to drag on. I'm surprised people are reading this and enjoying it so keep reading and I will keep updating! :) sorry for the a/n. I know they piss people off but I though I should xxx


I walked into my messy room and went into the cupboard.

Kim helped me move in today so that I could get ready for tonight's party.

I put on a tight black dress and some gorgeous black pumps. I put on some accessories and went out to the bathroom. I put on some black eyeliner and red lipstick.

I looked in the mirror satisfied. I grabbed my phone, keys, wallet and lipgloss and walked out onto the porch, waiting for Kim's driver, Henry, to arrive.

About 4 minutes later his familiar SUV pulled up. I opened the door to the back seat and slip into the middle seat, buckling up.

Henry and I made small talk for the few minutes we were in the car. I stepped out and could already hear the blaring music. I took a breath and said goodbye to Henry, before walking into the building. I walked up multiple flights of stairs until I finally reached the roof.

I looked around seeing Kim standing near a table of treats. I made my way over to her and she embraced me in a hug.

"Hello darling. Girls this is Casey. Casey this is Veronica and Bianca, two of my finest employees" She spoke.

After a while she excused us from the group and we went off to the side.

"Okay Hun, the boys have just arrived. Your going for Niall horan. Okay? He is the blonde, Irish one. If he asks how you and I met say that your cousin is my best friend or something. Any questions?" She asked.

"Just one" I began "how do I get talking to him?"

"Well he is standing in front of the drinks table so walk that way in pursuit of a drink and then 'accidentally' bump into him. Just go from there"

I nodded and hugged her as she wished me good luck.

'Here goes nothing' I thought.

Sorry it's short. I'll update again tomorrow xxx

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