Million dollar girlfriend

One word to describe being Niall Horan's Girlfriend.


And it's not for all the obvious reasons you might think. I can handle the hate. I can handle the fans and I can handle having no privacy too.

What's complicated is that he doesn't know the truth.

One Direction's management hired me.

I was hired to be Niall Horan's fake girlfriend.

Right now you probably think I'm a real bitch. But you haven't heard the full story.

My name is Casey Evans. I was homeless. I might as well tell you out straight. I lived on the streets. I didn't have a penny to my name and had to spend the cold nights on a wet, dirty pavement.

That's why when I was asked to do it I accepted straight away.

They took me off the streets, gave me a home and gave me a totally different look. Then for the best part.

I was going to be payed. Payed a lot. They were going to pay me a million pounds and all I had to do was pretend to fall for a guy. A famous guy.

A month was all I had to last.

In the end things didn't turn out so simple...


13. Chapter 12

- Later that day -

•Kim's office•

"Casey! It's been a while hasn't it, come in, come in!" She spoke cheerfully.

"Hey kimmy" I smiled, taking a seat.

"You seem... Off. What's wrong dear?"

"Well, so, as you know I've developed strong feelings for Niall, and yesterday we were in this beautiful park, on a picnic, and he asked me to be his girlfriend. Of course I said yes, but guilt is killing me. I would've sad yes regardless of this contract, but I can't stand it knowing that if he finds out, it will crush him, and me as well. I don't have anyone, really, and you know the situation and I need advice" I said, noticing tears that were falling from my eyes.

"Honestly hun, I think you should tell him. Tell him everything, the situation you were in when I offered you the job, the deal, even how you've tried getting out, and came in today like this. It's better to just be honest with him from the start, than to let it spiral out of control into something much worse" she spoke.

I nodded, wiping my now wet face.

"Thankyou, Kim. Just knowing that your here to support me makes me feel better. Your honestly my best friend, and I can't thankyou enough for everything you've done for me already. It means the world" I said, opening my arms for a hug.

"Take care sweetheart, call me if you need to, and text me letting me know how it goes, okay?"

I nodded and smiled warmly at her.

"Will do. Bye Kim, thanks again. Wish me luck!" I spoke, optimistically.

She smiled at me as I walked out.

'Here I go' I whispered to myself.

I opened my phone, and opened the 'messages' app, tapping on the conversation with Niall.

"Hey ((: any chance your free? Need to talk xx <3"

I sat in my car and turned the key and my phone buzzed just as the engine started. I picked it up and swiped the screen swiftly to unlock it, and opened the message from Ni.

"Yeah sure xx everything okay? (:"

"Meet me at mine? xxx (: see you soon!"

"Okay <3 x"

A couple of minutes after I got back to my house Niall pulled in. I took a deep breath as I opened the door, for Ni to come inside.

"Hello gorgeous" he smiled planting a kiss on my cheek.

I smiled awkwardly, knowing that he will probably hate me in a little while.

"Hey Ni" I replied, giving him a hug

"Is everything okay?"

"Here come sit down" I spoke gesturing the seat next to me on the couch. I sat facing in towards him and began to talk.

"Okay when I was 8 years old, my mum died. We were really close. So were me and dad. Until he started becoming depressed. He developed a drinking problem, and become more aggressive..." I paused for a moment.

"Case.. You didn't have to do this" Ni spoke softly.

"No, I do. So after a while, I couldn't handle my dad. It's hard enough living without a mum, let alone being beaten, and burned etc by your own father, so I ran away. I packed a bag with some clothes, money and my phone and it's charger and left. I knew I couldn't get on with the hundred or so dollars that I had so I posted an add online, looking for a job. None in-particular. There was no interest for a while. One day I found a working Power point and charged my phone. I had a response to my ad. I checked it and long story short, I was offered a job... To uh.... To be your fake girlfriend as a publicity stunt. I would get paid $1 million and I thought you would know but after I signed the paper I found out that you didn't know and I immediately tried to get out of it. I have developed real, and strong feelings for you, Niall. I completely understand If you hate me now, but I am truly sorry" I finished holding of tears.

We both stayed quiet for a minute, until Niall did something that surprised me completely. Instead of being angry, and upset or just walking out and leaving, he pulled me into his warm embrace.

"I'm so sorry that you had to deal with everything. Yeah I'm a bit shocked, but I'm just happy that you told the truth. And that what we have is real" he smiled cheesily.

I smiled in relief.

"Come here" I laughed, pulling him towards me, Craig my lips to his. It felt so good to do this without guilt washing through my body.

"So what do you want to do today gorgeous?" He asked.

"I don't mind as long as I'm with you"

He giggled quietly and his cheeks went slightly pink.

"How about we just watch movies here and eat food?" He suggested.

"Sounds perfect" I nodded.

We pulled out some DVD's And chose which one to put in first. Eventually we chose 22 jump street. As the movie started I quickly texted Kim to tell her that everything was good. Ni and I intertwined or fingers and i snuggled into him as we watched the movie.

By the end of it it was pretty late.

"Do you want to go get something to eat?" I asked.

"Yeah, we're do you want to go?" He replied.

"Well we can either go to a restaurant and have a nice fancy schmancy dinner or just get some pizzas and have a night in?"

"Well considering I have no fancy ish clothes, what about we get pizza and we'll go for a fancy dinner on.... Wait what day is it?"

"Wednesday the 26th, why?"

"The we must go for a fancy pants dinner next Tuesday which would be the... Wait how many days are in June?"


"Then on the 2nd we will go to dinner okay?"


I failed the number to the pizza place and ordered a Hawaiian and a meat lovers to be delivered here.

"I'm hungry" Niall groaned.

"I know baby, but the food will be here soon"

"But I'm hungry now" he said, frowning.

I giggled at him and went and sat down next to him.

I laid there next to him, taking in all of his features, while he went on Twitter. He looked over at me and smiled. We both just laid there looking at eachother. Not weirdly or anything, just admiring eachother. We both leaned in slowly, pressing our lips together. The doorbell rang and we pulled away.

"I'll be back" I groaned, causing Niall to giggle.

"One Hawaiian, one meat lovers?" The guy asked.

"Yup!" I said popping the p.

"$9.90 please" he smiled.

"Here you go, keep the change"

"Thanks, have a good night"

"You too"

I closed the door and placed the two pizza boxes down. We each grabbed a plate and put a couple of pieces on and started to eat.

A couple hours later we were both really tired and Ni ended up crashing at mine.

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