Process To Healing

I published this poem (I Knew A Girl Once) on many websites, just letting you know!

This is about overcoming anorexia, and the setting is different than usual. Poem first, story second. I hope you understand! Thanks xx


3. The Time Has Come

I started self-harming, I completely lost all of my self-esteem and confidence, I had depression, bulimia and suicidal. As well as, of course, anorexia. 

I still have depression, and I still am suicidal. I still do everything else (except self-harming) but what I DON'T have anymore is anorexia and bulimia.

I was saved by my science teacher in my high school, and he changed my life forever. I am still extremely grateful to him for seeing through me and my mask and my lies. He saw through everything nobody else did.

He saw my scars I so desperately wanted somebody to see. He saw through the mask I had created for myself, and the helpless face I wore, he saw it. But most of all, he helped me get through it all.

I had no trust in humans at all, but he was the first one I completely trusted ever since the bullying and abuse happened. It took me one year and a half, but it was all definitely worth it. I told him everything. Yes, he knew I was definitely anorexic, but he didn't know anything else.

I wrote him 10 pages of the story of my life. Everything, the abuse, bullying, anorexia, bulimia, depression, self-harm, why I became mute, and becoming suicidal. 

He helped me through everything. 

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