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1. Lindsey's P.O.V

As I stepped into the shower I heard the front door shut.

"SHIT", I yelled wondering who was in the house. If it was Niall I'd be fine I mean we were dating for 4 years. And we've has sex before so it wouldn't be a big deal. But I sought it was Niall because he was at sound check.

I grabbed the white hotel towel hanging by the shower and wrapped it around my body. I slightly unlocked the door and peered through to see who it was.

It was Zayn. I wasn't that worried since he was my big brother but I still would have wished that it was Niall.

"Zayn what's up", I said walking out the bathroom.

"Oh uh the lads are at sound check but I wanted to talk to you", he told me. I knew something was wrong because he never leaves sound check.

I sat down on the bed sitting next to him. He looked at me funny. I guess cause I was naked but oh we'll.

"Uh Lindse why are you naked", he asked me in obvious confusion.

"Cause I was gonna take a shower but then you showed up but who cares what's wrong", I told him sounding impatient.

"Ok we'll here it goes. Perrie called me about 10 minutes ago and sh-she's-..... She's pregnant",

I just froze looking like an idiot. I couldn't really respond I mean what would I say. It was wired knowing that my older brother had sex with perrie Edwards with no condom. I mean WHEN?

"CONGRATS Zayn" That's all I could really say at this point it really shocked me.

"Lindsey I'm scared"he looked up at me and I saw tears forming in his eyes.

Zayns p.o.v.

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