All about fashion

I'm in love with fashion so I decided to start a fashion everyday book. This book includes fashion tips, what you should wear, how you could change your style, and whatever trend you could be interested in.


3. Wednesday

For Wednesdays, a cozy themed outfit is also essential. Which involved sweaters to throw on, beanies, sneakers, scarfs and all sorts of comfy things.

Top : whitish beige owl knitted sweater

Bottom : ripped boyfriend jeans

Shoes : floral vans sneakers

Bag : a white Chanel or sling on bag

Hairstyle : curled hair to droop onto your shoulders

Accessories : white beanie, white scarf, and white outlined sunglasses

Fashion tip: this outfit is suitable for like a day at the library, or a cafe, studying, and hanging out.

Fashion location :

Bottom: any teen sized clothing shop has ripped jeans

Shoes : Vans

Bag: Chanel or Gloria wishfield !

Hairstyle : if you have straight hair getting a curling iron from a hair salon would be the best. Or a hair care store.

Accessories : you could get beanies from a hat store, and basically HnM has nice beanies too. Scarfs can be found basically everywhere. White outlined sunglasses could be found in cotton on.

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