All about fashion

I'm in love with fashion so I decided to start a fashion everyday book. This book includes fashion tips, what you should wear, how you could change your style, and whatever trend you could be interested in.


4. Thursday

Of course, Thursdays are intended for clothes to be edged up.

Top : A graphic sleeveless top with a beachy design

Bottom : baggy green patterned pants

Shoes : brown bohemian studded sandals

Hairstyle: curled hair or any type of bun

Accessories : red beanie, gold round necklace, glasses (if needed)

Fashion tip: This outfit is definitely stylish and edgy and it is also suitable for school. If you don't know what kind of pants I'm describing, search 'Alibaba pants' in google. And if you think that the pants is too hard to style with, pick some Pom Pom pants or skinny jeans.

Fashion location:

Top : Cotton on or Brandy

Bottom : You can order from Gloria Wishfield

Shoes : Clanks or Clarks

Hairstyle: Curling iron can be found in salons or coincidence stores. Bun makers can be found in pharmacies

Red beanie : The hat shop

Gold round necklace : Lovisa

Glasses : Claire's or anywhere else

Gloria wishfield has an official Instagram account now! You may order any item from our page and Dm us your size.

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