All about fashion

I'm in love with fashion so I decided to start a fashion everyday book. This book includes fashion tips, what you should wear, how you could change your style, and whatever trend you could be interested in.


1. Monday

Monday is a school day and wearing a very cool summer outfit can help you boost your popularity.

Top ; black halter top

Bottom : white skater skirt

Shoes : converse (any color but black will suit the most)

Bag : a white or blue backpack

Hairstyle : messy bun

Accessories : a long necklace with chains


Fashion tip : Basically on Mondays it's all about a black and white theme. So this outfit also suits out of school. You could may hit with a beanie and have your hair down which will look perfect too.

Fashion location :

Top : HnM

Bottom : Bershka

Shoes : Converse

Bags : Gloria wishfield


My dad and my family runs a bag company called Gloria Wishfield . So basically, we take orders from customers and you could have any requests of designs, and we will make it into a bag of your dreams. For more information, go to our Gloria Wishfield Instagram account.

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