blown away

this is based off blown away
hi my name Arianna payne but they call me ari or aria the liam payne is my brother i got abused after he left for x factor this is not like fairytales i do not fall in love with the boys


4. el's house

we just to el's house and everybody was freaking out 

e= shut up 

l= yes i have a sister her name is ariana marie payne 

i went off to x factor and never contacted my family again 

lou=so you have not talked to your family in 5 years 

a=yep he has not but that does not matter right he did not care was not happening there 

l=yes i do i want to bond again waht happened 

a= let's see mom died of cancer after you left me and dad moved to ireland he abused me today a twister hit and he was nowhere to be found after i came out of the cellar oh and here i am 


l=what no their dead  


l=what about you do you still dance,act,sing,songwrite and play intruments 

e,lou,z,n,h= you do all that  

a=use to i only song write 

l=why did you give up i will have to get you to sing again it was what you loved you sang your heart out with sole and now you give up no way  

e,lou,z,n,h= you should not give up your talented 

a=thanks but no thanks i am going to take a shower 


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