blown away

this is based off blown away
hi my name Arianna payne but they call me ari or aria the liam payne is my brother i got abused after he left for x factor this is not like fairytales i do not fall in love with the boys


2. blown away

ari's prov.... 

i just finished the dishes and was starting on my history. 

is that history dad asked 

yea  i said 

i can help i was always good at history he said 

no thanks i said 

come on he said and touched my hand 

i shut my book and got up 

hey get back here i am your father he screamed  

i was outside when there was a twister coming i ran in the house and daddy was lied there past out on the couch, 

she ran for to the cellar some people  called it  taking shelter i called it sweet revenge 

after the twister.......... 

i ran out of the cellar and looked around daddy was nowhere to be found. 

i saw his wallet and went upstairs to get my clothes that where not damaged and put them in a suitcase 

and tool the car to the airport it was a alexis its getting shipped out there 

i need 1 ticket to london i said 

sure thing lass he said  

oh i am irish and english liam got moms english accent and mine was irish and 10% british in it 

i live in ireland because after liam left mom died of cancer 

and we moved to ireland i am 19 years old liam is 20 

zayn is 21,niall is 20,louis is 21 almost 22,harry is 19 but i am older by 2 months 


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