blown away

this is based off blown away
hi my name Arianna payne but they call me ari or aria the liam payne is my brother i got abused after he left for x factor this is not like fairytales i do not fall in love with the boys


3. airport

ari's prov............. 

i was snapped out of my thoughts when the intercom said we were landing 

i met someone named elounor calder and she asked where i was going but i said i had no idea 

stay with me i have my own place here my boyfriend is coming to visit today she said  

okay i said 

we got off the plane and got our luggage  

she met up with her frieends 

e= elounor l=liam lou=louis n=niall z=zayn h=harry 

e=guys this is ariana but call her ari 

1d= hello 

n=omg she is irish where are you from 

a=mullingar but i moved there when my mom died of cancer and i have 10% british in my accent 

l=where are you from in the uk  


l=cool me to 

e=this is my bf louis,and zayn,niall,liam ,and harry 

1d=nice to meet you 

a=what are your last names 

1d=tomlinson ,malik,horan,payne,styles 


it liam my brother 

i started speaking irish gaelic they looks at me like i was crazy 

n=she said the this can be happening he's back but he left for x factor can it be him my brother who never contacted me 

e= who is your brother 

lou,z,n,h= not me 

e=liam do you have a sister 

l=yes we will talk at your house

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