Love is Strange

Emily Hamilton is just a normal 17 year old teenage girl, going through the motions. She is going through peer pressure, drama and acne. The high school and her life is going smoothly. Until now. Emily's father is required to go to New York for his job. So when they move from Florida to Long Island, New York she has to make new friends and start her twelfth grade year. Just when she thinks her life is getting better, the unexpected happens.


1. Chapter One

The sun peeks over the city buildings, just enough to make the corners of my mouth form a smile. Birds fly and small clouds inch their way across the blue sky. I stand on a tall building looking at the kaotic city below me. The city seems to be a normal thing for me yet I live in one of the calmest places in the United States, Florida. The wind blows slightly making my hair go along with the winds rhythm. I wish I could be a bird; I spread my arms out and slowly move them like I’m flying. My “wings” gradually pull me from the building top and into the beautiful sky with birds. This is my dream; to fly. I glance around looking at the magnificent sun rise. When I look back in front of me, I hit something and I start to fall. As I fall, everything disappears, the birds, the sun, the sky. All gone. Now I remain silent as I fall contently into darkness. What does this mean? This dream isn’t the usual fly and die. I’m just falling. I try to grab a hold of anything basically air because I can’t see a thing.

Finally I slam hard into ground and the pain shoots up my back and I close my eyes tightly. I feel as if I shattered my back like its precious glass. My feet are wobbly but I manage to stand up and look at my surroundings. I’m in a field of flowers; roses. Many different colors. My first step isn’t successful, I get multiple cuts from the thorns of the roses. I sort of wimp in pain but I recover from my pain. I feel as I am in the Wizard of Oz. Composing myself, I take another step but before my foot touches the bottom of the rose field, all of the roses turn into ravens and fly into my face. I curl into a ball on the ground. I hear a shriek but it isn’t coming from my mouth; at least I don’t think so.

 My alarm intrudes my disturbing dream. I turn off the raging noise.

“Get up Emily!” My mom shouts from downstairs. I stare at my ceiling in wonder. But then reality hits and I get up and go to the bathroom. My brother and sister appear in the doorway before I shut the door.

  “What do you want?” I inquire, my voice raspy from the morning.

  “Someones cranky.” My brother, Tyler laughs.

  “Or on her period.” Kayla smirks. She’s not right. She is all ready to leave. Her blonde hair neatly combed into a ponytail and her eyes are rounded with a thin line of eyeliner.

  “Leave me alone.” I slam the door on them. Tyler was still in his sweatpants. Now he has to beg our parents to use their bathroom. All I have to say is, you snooze you lose. Since I took a shower last night, I just wash my face and start putting on my make up. All I do is put on eyeshadow, eyeliner, and mascara. I fix my pin straight brownish red hair into place, staring into my hazel eyes. I basically look like most of the girls in Florida with freckles splattered on my nose and cheeks. [Being not skinny but not fat; in between.] But I thank God, I only get ache once in a blue moon.

    I go pee, wash my hands and leave the washroom.

  “Finally!” Tyler sighs. When I get in my room, I slip on my black skinny jeans, a black t-shirt with an Italian flag on it and my mint green Vans. I think I have Vans in every color. Glancing at the clock its 7:13am, time to go. A knock on the door startles me and I clutch, my chest.

  “You scared the heck outta me!”

  “You driving?” Kayla asks.

  “Yup. Tyler’s coming too.” We walk down stairs and into the kitchen like wild animals in search of food. I breathe in then out. “Chocolate!” Running over to the cabinet and pulling out a Crunch bar.

  “You can sniff out chocolate like a hound dog.” Kayla and I chuckle. We retrieve our breakfast, call Tyler down and we leave. We hop in the car and head to school. I am so happy its the last day of eleventh grade! My sister is in tenth grade and Tyler is in twelfth which I know they are almost as excited as I am. Even though it is slightly sad that I won’t be able to see some of my friends until we go back to school because of them going on a vacation, it’ll be okay. I can totally handle two months of not seeing my friends. One person I can’t be without for more than three days is Julia, my best friend. I don’t remember much from my childhood but we were very close friends. My brother who sits next to me puts the radio on not wanting to hear the silence that is unending between us. We have a good relationship but he can get mad at me for no reason sometimes. When the car parks, my brother and sister get out in a big hurry.

What the heck?

They couldn’t wait five more seconds?  

    While they scamper off , I am left alone in the parking lot. Great. I gather my backpack and walk toward the double doors. The school looks smaller on the outside then the inside. Maybe because its built with bricks? Anyway, I slither my way in and to my locker. Over all the cheering, I can hear a cry. Why on Earth would you cry for school? God made us not to like school, it’s only human. As I put the code in my locker, one of the last times in eleventh grade, I barely see the figure next to me. My head turns slowly with wide eyes.

  “Hello.” Comes from me calmly. The person next to me is Julia. She is my best friend. She looks a little like me but taller. Yes, I am a short person. But not too short. Medium. Julia’s hair is a shade darker, the length of her shoulder and her eyes are green. She is very sweet and sometimes shy if she doesn’t know you.

  “Hey. Do you wanna hang out after school?” Julia smiles. “Its the last day!”

  “Sure, sounds good.” I reply grabbing my history,and science book.

  “Look. Its William. He is going to ask you out again.” Julia says in a heads up.

He will say my name in,




  “Hey Emily!” William shouts pushing his black framed glasses closer to his freckled face. “Will you go out-”

  “No!” My best friend speaks out what was already on my mind. We laugh all the way to our first classes which is sadly not together. But the second class is together.

So the whole day goes by extremely fast, and the only thing that seems to be interesting was Math, which we were allowed to talk and go on our electronics. In Math, William asked me to go out with him again, and my response was, “No take a hike”. I know it sounds kind of mean but you get sick of it after a while. The dream I had this morning, still invades my mind and I can’t let it go. My fingers start to type the dream in the notes of my phone.

Now in Science, the last class, Mrs. Walters sits in her wheely chair like she is seated on a throne. She takes each bite of her chips like a pig. It doesn’t match up, a throne and a pig. Whatever. We have nothing to do except watch a boring video on baking soda. Everyone is playing with their phones and doodling. I stare at the clock as every second goes by.

Tick, Tock.

I am so bored but excited that there is less than two minutes of school left. It feels like that moment at New Years when you wait anxiously for the ball to drop. One more minute left. I look over at Julia and she wears a ear to ear grin. She is ready to go. Mrs. Walters is still munching on chips.

  Mrs. Walters stops chewing and gets up. “Time to go.”

    Everyone jumps up, grabs their backpacks and shovels their way out of the door. Julia and I are the smart people and wait for the rush crowd to go. Even though Mrs. Walters is one of the most boring, weirdest teachers I have ever met I have to be nice to her.

  “Have a nice break, Mrs. Walters.” I wave. She snickers and crinkles another chip in her mouth. I file out of the classroom after Julia.

We clean out our lockers and exist out of the high school. I don’t have to come back for two months which is awesome.                 

        ~    ~    ~    ~    ~

    “He is so hot.” Julia chants at the sight of Taylor Lautner.

  “Nope.” I answer shoving a handful of popcorn in my mouth. The thought of only having one more grade until I am out of high school is overwhelming but being home sprawled across the couch watching T.V. with my best friend is relaxing.  

  “Where’s Tyler?”

  “Probably at Kevin’s. That kid is so annoying but then again…”

  “One more year.” We shout together. As we watch random movies on T.V. , my dad attempts to slip in the door. I ignore him and continue on eating. Him and I had a fight two days ago and I think the fight was worthless.

  “Ew, why would he do that?” I screech as I see the boy eat a bowl of bugs like its an everyday snack.

  “What the heck are we watching?”

  “I have no idea, Julia.” I flip through multiple channels until we reach Law and Order(S.V.U.). That is one of our favorite shows after Monk. I can feel my father still in the room. So I glance by the door and he is still holding his leather case for work. On the floor beside him, is a brown box filled to the brim with papers and files.

Did he get fired?

I feel the utmost tempted to ask him but he probably is still mad about the other day. My attention focuses back to the tv. Oliva is questioning a suspect about a rape of which was in a alley. She slams her hand on the table while the criminal twitches. Out of the corner of my eye I see Julia jump along with the him. Julia has been kind of jumpy today anyway. Its not really anything new but I hate to see her that afraid of everything. I love her except my mind keeps going to my father.

What is mom going to do when she  finds out he got fired?

  “Hey Emily, “ Julia and I whip our heads to listen to my fathers low voice, “I need to talk to you. Well, the whole family. Julia you know we love having you here, you're like another daughter but please leave. You can come back tomorrow or even later but I need to have a talk with my family.”

  “Thats fine. Call me later.” Julia makes a phone sign with her hands and grabs her shoes. Slipping them on she leaves. I watch my fathers every movement as he loosen his tie forcefully.

  “What happened?” I question as his emotions show little.

  “You’ll know later. Call your brother and sister. Wheres mom?”
  “She’s in the kitchen. I’ll get Kayla and Tyler.” I quickly escape the conversation ringing at my stomach. Its raising my curiosity. But I am almost betting he got fired. I snatch my phone and text Kayla and Tyler telling them to immediately to come home. All of a sudden, I hear a ringtone come from Kayla’s room.

She left her phone here again?

Why the heck does she even have a phone?

    As I open Kayla’s door I hear the cry that saddens my heart. The cry I hear everyday. I see my sisters face shoved into a pillow muffledly crying. I shuffle my feet over to her, laying my hand on her back and in seconds she is engulfed in my arms.

  “Its okay sweetie.” I reassure her. “What happened today?”

    As soon as I ask she pulls back only inches to reveal a fresh bruise on her arm. I cringe seeing only an ounce of the pain she suffers.

  “Drake?” I ask and all she can do is nod. I close her in a hug again. “You know you can leave him? Actually you should. You're hurting your self.”

Kayla pulls away and starts being defensive, “But he loves me.”

  “Honey, if he is abusing you he doesn’t love you. There are better guys out there.”

She agrees silently. She knows he isn’t good for her but she continues to see him. How she can do that, I have no idea.

  “Also Dad needs you in the living room. Family meeting, pronto!” I smile, collecting my iPhone from the bed and head to the living room where my parents stand in front of the ‘L’ shaped couch with gloomy faces. Silence fills the room like a rushing waterfall. Its even worse when Kayla enters the room. Her and I sit on the couch clutching each others hand making mine turn numb. As we wait for Tyler, the quietness pulls at my stomach, that is all to nervous already.

    Just when I start to worry, Tyler barges through the front door. He notices the signs of a family meeting and sits next to me. My parents are still silent which cause My little sister to squeeze harder on my hand and clutch a pillow with the other hand. Tyler is probably the most confused out of all of us. I am just plain nervous and Kayla is scared.

  “Now that you are all here, we have to tell you some news.” My mother begins with the smooth voice she possess.

  “You know its hard being an architect.” He didn’t get

fired obviously. Dad continues, “But I got a promotion.”

  “I am happy for you dad.” Tyler congratulates him.

  “The job is in New York.” With this I realize what he means but,  I push that conclusion out of my mind.

  “Oh so you are going to New York.” I respond.

  My mother steps in, “No sweetie. We are all going to New York.”

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