Percy Jackson ( Chapter I made myself)

I made this in 5th grade for a project so yeah

Hope you like it


1. First and only chapter

Btw this is just before they met Hades in the first book:

 I play Hide and Seek with a shape shifting waitress.New Chapter of the book               “ Percy Jackson and the lighting Theif.”


   We walked down the street when Grover started complaining about his hunger. I mean come on at a time like this, he starts complaining about his hunger. I mean come on Grover just because you get grumpy on a empty stomach doesn’t mean you have to complain right NOW! We are heading to meet Hades and he complains. Anyway, here Annabeth and me listening to Grover talking( more like complaining) “ Percy? I’m starving, can we please stop someplace to eat?” I stopped and looked around for a diner or something just so Grover would stop complaining. I saw a flickering sigh that said Suzie’s DIner. I turned around to get Annabeth and Grover, but they were gone. “ Annabeth? Grover?” I yelled. I thought I would  never get an answer but then I heard the same old snarky comment, “ What do you want seaweed brain? What sounded like Annabeth’s voice. I turned around to see Annabeth walking out of Suzie’s DIner. ‘ I was looking for you and Grover to tell you about the same diner you disappeared in.” “ Well, are you coming in with us?” I was thinking that it was a bad idea, but my stomach was telling me otherwise. “ Yeah, sure, I guess.” I said as I followed Annabeth into the old, run down diner door. Annabeth opened the door and the door snapped off. “ Well, I thought I was the seaweed brain but I guess not.” I said as I snickered   “ Shut up.” Annabeth demanded as she dropped the door and  stomped in. I walked in and stood in shock, the diner looked like a 300 decade abandoned house, the counter looked like skulls sticking out of it. I slipped into the booth that was next to Annabeth. “ Hello I’m Suzie,I will be your waitress.” The girl looked about 18 and seemed happy  to be working at a ancient  diner. “ What would you guys like to eat?” Suzie said as she bounced up and down. “ Umm I would like a shrimp basket.” Annabeth said as she handed Suzie her menu. “ I would like a can of peas.” Grover said licking his lips “ I would like a hamburger I guess.” I said as I nudged Annabeth as if she insulted me by getting a shrimp basket. “ Alright and do you want anything to drink?” We all shook our heads besides Grover, who says a Root beer in a can. “ They will be ready in a minute” Suzie said as she walked into what looked like a empty kitchen but I saw at least 5 shadows at a time walk past the window of the door 3 times a minute. Then a young boy who looked about the same age walked out with a tray that had a shrimp basket,can of peas, a hamburger, and a can of Root Beer. “ Hi I’m Ron and I will be your other waiter.” “ Who had the shrimp basket?” Annabeth raised her hand and licked her lips as Ron slid it toward her. “ You sir had the Root Beer and peas... in a can..” Ron said as he dropped them in front of Grover. “ And you had the hamburger, right?” Ron asked. I nodded my head and he handed me the plate. “ Thanks.” I said and he walked toward the kitchen, but he turned around and said  “ Percy,Annabeth, and Grover, behave yourselves when my boss comes, will you.” After he said that he walked into the what kitchen. “ Umm Guys I have a question.” “ Yes Insult stealer.” Annabeth said. I didn’t know what she was referring to until I remembered what I said when she pulled off the door, I took her “ great” insult that had gotten old after a while. “ Umm, did you tell Suzie our names?”

“No why?”

“ Is it weird how he knows our names even if we didn’t tell him or Suzie.”

“ I guess but I think maybe he is a god or something.” Annabeth said as she pushed away the shrimp basket, but the only thing left of the shrimps was their tails. I stared at them and then at her as if she just killed my cousins. “ Rude much!”  Annabeth said as she moved away “ Staring is rude!” I gave her the “ you know why I gave you the evil eye so don’t play dumb” look and I think she got the message. The Suzie came in and said “ My boss is almost here so please act delighted that you were served by me and Ron.” I smiled and nodded but then thought if I should tell the boss how creepy some of their workers are.

“ Yeah sure Suzie whatever you say.”

She thanked us and walked into the kitchen.

“ Now I think we should leave!”

“ Come on Percy It’s nothing.” Annabeth said as she stared at the hole ( where the door should have been) to see if the boss was angry.


A old man and a old woman walked through the hole and sat down.

“ I hope we don’t have to wait an hour for this food.” the old man struggled to say as he slipped off his jacket and set it next to him in the booth. Ron walked out of the kitchen and toward the old people

“ Hi I’m Ron, and I will be your waiter. What would you like to drink?”Ron slipped 2 menus onto the table.

the old lady looked flabbergasted as if she has never seen a waiter come out that fast.

“ Umm we will both have coffee.” The old man said as he flipped through his menu.

Ron stared at the old lady as if to see her agree

The old lady nodded and started to look through her menu too.


“ I’m not so hungry anymore. We should leave now.” I said as Annabeth and Grover stared at me in confusion “ Why! I like it here because it’s... well roomy.” Grover said as he gripped the table like he was never going to let go. “ Yeah Percy I mean come on we should at least help the employees if they get in trouble.”  I couldn’t believe my ears! My friends wanted to stay in this graveyard!

“ Fine okay I understand we will just stay and risk getting killed!” I yelled as I banged my fist on the table.

Ron walked over to our table. “ Everything alright at this table?”

“ Yes everything is fine, it’s just a little disagreement.” Annabeth said as she managed to choke up a obviously fake smile.

Ron walked away muttering something and fidgeting with his fingers.

“ Now Percy, can’t you handle your anger issues.” Annabeth asked in a babyish voice.

“ Guys! Guys! No need to fight cause I will be the main vote!” Grover said as he ripped the top of the pea can.

“ Hmmm. Well let me think, Annabeth will rip me to shreds if I pick Percy’s side but If I pick Annabeth’s side, Percy might get mad and walk out and then I don’t fulfil my duties as protector.

“ Yes, Yes Grover I will rip you to shreds.”

“ Grover I will buy you 5 free meals if you pick my side!” I said. I figured Grover couldn’t resist his love for free meals but I know he rather not be ripped up than have free meals, so I knew it was hopeless.

“ I pick... Percy’s side!” Grover said as he squinted his eyes, waiting for the blow of Annabeth’s fist or if she was in her “ You picked seaweed brain over me goat boy! I am going to crush you” moods then she would’ve hit him with her knife rather than her fist. “ Fine! I understand.” Annabeth said as she packed all her stuff right back into the bag. “ You just think that if you pick my side that you will lose your job as protector!”

“ Whatever Annabeth! Be a sore loser.” I said as I got up and walked toward the doorway.

WHACK! I fell right onto the ground.

“ Percy!” Annabeth yelled as she scooted herself out of the booth and made it over in time to see who bumped me down.

“ Oh, are you the owner.” Annabeth seemed to say in a sweet voice as if the owner ( which I pictured as a woman) could hurt her. I looked up to see a 8 foot buff man “ I’m Robert” the man said with a bass voice.

“ I’m Annabeth and this is..” I kicked her in the leg and sending her the “ there is monsters coming after me and telling ANYONE my name would increase the risk of ANYONE to hear my name including the person we are talking to which could be a monster” message. Lucky me that Annabeth did get the “ there is monsters..” oh never mind but she got it but the results weren’t so good. “ This is Bartholomew.” What! Bartholomew? Annabeth must of got that name from one of her architecture books! Thanks Annabeth.

“ Bartholomew?” Robert said as confused as I did.

“ Yes, Bartholomew Beeper.” Annabeth said

BEEPER!Bartholomew was bad enough but Beeper! Now that was even worse.  “ Well Bartholomew, are you going to get up.” I smiled fakely and got up. When Robert wasn’t looking I slugged Annabeth in the arm.

“ Owww!” Annabeth yelped

“ What happened Annabeth?”

“ Umm, just a bug” Annabeth said as she glared at me.

Annabeth walked back toward the booth that we were sitting in.

Nobody noticed the fact that Grover ignored the fact I was knocked down by a gigantic man.

“ Is Per... umm I mean Bartholomew okay.?” Grover asked as he stuffed down his organic peas can.


“ Fine Grover and where were you when that happened mister!”Annabeth yelled as she scooted into the end of the booth.

“ Umm eating... Sorry, MOM! Grover snipped as he started drinking his root beer.

Mom? really! I mean jeez, Bartholomew Beeper was bad enough but now I have like Annabeth is my mother! Now that was one road I was certainly not taking.

Robert who was still standing there in front of me confused and scared by all the drama, walked away toward the kitchen.

“ Thanks Grover you so care about protecting me.” I said as I slipped next to..  ummm “ Mom”. “ I do care but that would mean I would be named something stupid like Jimmy Flash or Leonardo Da Vinci or worse Stephen Sauvestre.” Grover said ready to sip his last before he went on to munching on his pop can.

“ Well at least your name has a normal first name, well besides Leonardo but people can call you Leo, will people are going to call me Barth or Mew or something even stupider than what Annabeth came up with! I said staring at the shrimp basket as if there was no hope for any of us to make it normal names. Because shrimp sounds like some little kid would call a baby, “ Oh mommy I have a shrimp size baby sister!”.

“ Hey! I came up with that name because of Apollo who has those bad poems and limericks, well I remember one of the names in one of his poems.” Annabeth said as she opened her bag and pulled out a book that looked older than the diner Apollo’s famous poems and limericks.  “On page 788 his poem “  Levi and the namer.”  it was talking about Levi and well.. oh I will just show you it.” Annabeth flipped to the page and began reading.


                          Levi and the namer


Once upon a time there was a kid named Levi

Him and his friend  Morgan loved to eat pie

but one day a namer came to name

and named Levi  Window Pane

and Levi said I don’t like that name so don’t you dare call me Window Pane

so the namer gave Levi the name Bartholomew and said haha I named you Sue


What was Apollo even writing about because that made no sense. Thanks Annabeth and Apollo’s stupid nonsense poems.

SLAM! All of us turned to see what made that ear wrecking noise. “ Oh my!” Annabeth choked out. The door she broke was sitting right in it’s spot like nothing had laid a finger on that thing. “ Umm! Ron I think we are done!” I yelled hoping Ron was done with Robert and we could pay and leave. Ron walked out with tears in his eyes “ You are leaving so soon?” Ron asked as if he wanted us to stay forever. “ I’m afraid so Ron, see we kinda have some business to do so we have to leave” Annabeth said so sweetly I would’ve fell for it, but Ron didn’t. “ How bout Percy goes and gets it done and then you come back and then stay longer. I wanted to say “ NO! I LEAVE WITH MY FRIENDS AND ONLY MY FRIENDS AND WE ARE NOT GOING TO STAY LONGER IN THIS DUMP!” But for some reason I said “ Sure! Bye Annabeth and Grover, Brb I mean Be right back!” I started to walk toward the door. I opened the door and walked out. I lost the feeling to leave so I turned around and went right back in expecting Annabeth and Grover crying “ Oh Percy we missed you so much!” But the diner was dark and Annabeth and Grover were not in the booth. Even the old people were not there. “ Annabeth? Grover?” I yelled expecting “ Over here seaweed brain or possibly insult stealing poem insulting freak. But I heard nothing but the creaking from the old structure of this old building. Great now I sound like Annabeth! Anyway while I was walking around in the empty diner I heard a crash in the kitchen.

I slowly walked toward the door when WHACK! That door whacked me in the face knocking me out. I started to wake up. I opened my eyes to see bright lights and... Ron standing above me! “ You okay sir?” Ron said as if he never in his life knew my name. “ Yes, yes I am. I said as I sat up. Maybe It was a dream. But I looked up and nobody was there just a piece of dust fluttering. “ Percy!” Annabeth runs out of the kitchen “ He is a shapeshifter! Then I notice that piece of dust is not a piece of dust, but it is Ron! I wait for the dust to fall and then I stomp on it. I could hear the helpless scream of Ron as his face gets squashed under my shoe. I stand up and run! Annabeth  calls Grover. Grover runs out will pockets full of metal cans and one in his mouth. We were ready to head out when the door would not move. Then Ron’s face is faintly in the paint of the door. He laughs. Annabeth grabs something from her bag....


“ Got you! hahahahahahahahahahaha......” Ron laughed on and on and on. SNAP! The thing Annabeth got was a ….. crayon! Well Annabeth! That was the worst thing that I saw you try to use to save the day. a crayon. “ Really Annabeth. A crayon! a C-R-A-Y-O-N!” I yell. “ Yes Percy, I know how to spell.” “ Wait if you got the crayon then what made the snap sound?”Annabeth looked confused. “ For 1 thing, that was a acid crayon that burns through everything so I was thinking I could burn his face away. I look at the door and see that Ron’s face was no longer there! “ He is gone!” I yell!

“ Let’s split up!” I yelled as I was about to run off toward the kitchen

“ Like that worked when we met Medusa!” Annabeth stated as she sat down! One of the pegs had a …. FACE! “ Annabeth! Ron is one of the legs!” Before Annabeth could jump off the leg had snapped and Annabeth slammed to the floor. Annabeth, who looked hurt because nobody ran to help her,  got up and slapped me and then Grover!


“ OWWWW!” I said as I rub my stinging cheek! “ What was that for?” I yelled. Grover who looked like he was about to cry, sat down and started to ball his eyes out! “ What did I do!!!!!”


“ People need manners here! When somebody falls you are supposed to help! Now come on goat legs and seaweed  brain we got to find Ron before he gets us! Annabeth walked toward the  kitchen.

I followed her in small paces. I didn’t want to get in anymore trouble with her. Grover was right next to me. I just pasted the counter when I saw Suzie.

“ Suzie?” I said hoping it was not Ron.

“ Yeah!” Suzie shouted

Ron’s face appeared on the counter and Suzie was still there.

“Run Suzie !” I yelled as Ron tried to grab her.

Well ran into the kitchen with Annabeth who was  looking for Ron!

“ Annabeth” I whispered

Annabeth turned around to give me the Shhh. Ron might be in here look and if you talk I will cut you look. I was used to that look because  Annabeth clearly doesn’t like me!

“ Ron is the front counter.” I whispered!

Annabeth whipped around and ran toward the door and barely opened it when Ron slammed his face to the door

“ EEKKKKK!” Annabeth screamed as she fell to the floor. The door flew open making Ron fall to the hard tile floor. Robert was standing in his place with his fists up. He lowered them when he saw us “ Oh hey Bartholomew!” Robert said with his deep voice like thunder. Ron started to stand up. Annabeth with her crazy moves kicked Ron back down and started tying him up in some kind of rope.  “ This rope will cut his skin if  he tries to move and if he tries to untie it... you don’t want to know!” Annabeth whispers. Suzie ran out of the kitchen with a backpack and dropped it in my hands! “ Take this and run because Ron is looking  for this so RUN!” Suzie said as she turned into a chair.

“ Suzie is a shapeshifter too!” I yell as I kick the chair. A sharp screech blew out of the chair and then a cry. Ron is my brother and he wants whoever who took the lightning bolt to give it to him!” Suzie turned back into a person and  then curled up into a ball. I am so sorry!” I filled with anger as I stated before “ I DIDN’T STEAL THE BOLT! I DIDN’T STEAL ANYTHING!” I yelled. But I didn’t yell it to Suzie I yelled to the direction of what used to be Ron! “ Guys!” I say as Ron walks toward Annabeth, Grover, and Robert. I throw Annabeth Riptide and  she turns around and attacks him! Ron disintegrates into small gray dust leaving nothing behind but the weeping tears of Suzie!


“ RON! I AM SORRY!” Suzie stood up and said.

“ Goodbye Percy!”


All I remember was blackness!

I woke up with Annabeth above me dumping water onto my face! “ What?” I say as I sit up.


What did Suzie do to me?

“ Well when she said goodbye she grabbed riptide and disintegrates herself to be with her brother.

I stand up and see Grover eating more cans and Robert talking about how Bartholomew was a better name the Percy, he agreed with Annabeth with the seaweed brain thing and he was on his way. He hoped to keep in touch. Robert walked toward the door and smashed it to the size of a pop can and walked away.

Grover ran after the can and we headed back on our trip.Save my mother and meet Hades.

                               Annabeth’s List for our meet with Hades

1. Get past all the souls

2. Delay any more diners ( now because of Grover)

3. Possibly find the perfect way to get Percy’s ( seaweed brain) mother back.

4. Get back to camp half-blood

5. Go back to ignoring Percy and Grover


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