OneShots(Your choice)

Comment a ship and I will write a one shot about them(I would appreciate comment on the one shots whether it's encouraging or not.)


3. Hinny Year 6

Harry's POV

I have had a crush on Ginny since the Chamber.And now we were together


I was I the Room of Requerment it was during Christmas holiday Ron and Ginny stayed at Hogwarts for the holiday.Anyways I was doing homework and I heard someone come in I looked up and it was Ginny I walked to her and asked what happened"I broke up with dean"I hugged her and then we both noticed the mistletoe and I looked at her a pulled her into a kiss I picked her up and she wrapped her legs around my waist when we came up for air I set her down and asked"Are we together now?"And she said"Does this answer your question"And she kissed me"Yes"

End of Flashback.

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