OneShots(Your choice)

Comment a ship and I will write a one shot about them(I would appreciate comment on the one shots whether it's encouraging or not.)


2. Drarry

Harry's POV

I talking to Hermione she's the only person who knows I'm gay and that I like Draco.So and on the way to Potions and Draco sent a hex at Hermione and just as I pulled my wand out Snape walked by."Detention Potter and Malfoy!"Crap.So after that day of classes we had to clean the bathrooms without magic.They were closed off so no one got hurt while the floors were wet.So we got mops and brooms.Malfoy looked confused"Wait you haven't ever used a broom or mop!Hahaha"I walked behind him and placed his hands on the broom correctly.And started moving his arms so that he was sweeping then I let him try by himself.He was alright so I started on my half o the bathroom when I was done I went to get some water for the mops and Draco came up and splashed water on me.And then did something unexpected he stopped laughing and stared at my eyes and then we both leant in

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