OneShots(Your choice)

Comment a ship and I will write a one shot about them(I would appreciate comment on the one shots whether it's encouraging or not.)


4. Dramione

Draco's POV

I was in the Library watching Hermione reading she would look up every once and a while and look my way I would smile at her and then blush and turn away until I thought she had started reading. I got up and left and I heard footsteps echoing off the wall but I thought they were mine. When I rounded the corner the person caught me and I jumped and yelled "Bloody hell !" and turned around already pulling my wand out of my robes. But it was just Hermione.  She said "I saw you staring at me." I smirked and said " So what if I did....Granger?" What she said next surprised me " Careful Malfoy, I don't think you would want the fact that you liked what you saw spreading. " I can't believe Granger had the nerve to be cocky with me....or the fact that I thought it was adorable. " And again I repeat Granger, So...what....if....I....did?" With every word I took a step closer to her making her retreat a step until she hit the wall. She looked up at me and once again surprised me " Then I might do this" she said while leaning up to look at me and then she kissed me. " But that's only if you liked what you saw" she said as she walked away. I couldn't do anything but stand there and watch her walk off.

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