The Bookstore Love

Shelby is just a normal 17 year old girl.with a large obsession of books. Then her and her best friend get a chance to see One Direction live. while on the car ride home she gets chance to meet One Direction live!


1. Books

Books I cant even begin to explain the joys of beautiful  wonderful books! Lets start off as there an escape from my Step Dad. "okay" i say out loud in the library and close my journal. My best friend Star comes skipping along to me and grabs my arm pulling me out of the library.i grab my books and follow. she pulls me out of West Keelie high school and into our football field, straight into the middle and says"sit down" i do as told "after this conversation you need to tell me i am the best friend that ever lived on this universe today!" I nod and she says " there will be no interrupting me unless your dying of excitement" i nod scared for what she is about to tell me 

"I Starlight Peace (her parents were hippies) has earned 200$ dollars this month" I groan she has an amazing job and her boss just keeps giving her raises "dont interrupt again! and that means i can buy 2 concert tickets for the ALL MIGHTY ONE DIRECTION!" I screamed and fell onto my back " Theres just one condition we have to clean the beach with my parents every morning for them to pay for us to fly first class to THE ALL MIGHTY CALIFORNIA"  i screamed again and tackled my best friend in the whole wide world " I Shelby Helen Brown have the best friend in the whole wide universe everyday you get beautifier and your flawless and the best friend EVER" " I know right" we fell down in the grass laughing!

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