"liberum arbitrium"

It's from Latin.
It means that you're free to make your own choices.
And life it's made of choices.


5. They're just going

You can't make people better, if they aren't ready.


September 21th - Sunday

11:00 A.M.


    I roll over and I almost fall, catching the first things in sight. "What ?" a groggy voice says and I realize I must be holding to Luke's shirt. "Luke, I'm falling." "No you're not." he says still with his eyes closed. "Yes Luke, I'm falling off the bed !" I say and he quickly sits up, which make me let go of the cloth. I close my eyes waiting for the impact, but all that happens is Luke's laugh. I look around and I'm on the ground. "You weren't even a inch away from the ground." He says and I join him because his smile warms me up, and makes me want to be happy too.


    "Come here." he helps me to get up and I seat cross legged in front of him. "Are you feeling better ?" I look down and don't answer.


"Did you hear it ?" I ask after a while wondering if he would answer me the truth. "Yes." he says and I look him in the eyes. "I heard you call someone's name, and I thought you were calling out for me. It's obvious now that you weren't." He says looking away. "Please don't think i was trying to listen to it, actually I went to the kitchen to get some water, but these walls are paper thin, you know." He explains himself. "Okay." I answer whipping away a few tears. "Wanna talk about it ?" "No." "Okay. I'll take a shower then." He says and leaves me in the bed. 


      I lay back down, closing my eyes trying to push away the toughs on my mind. I start to listen to the water hit the ground in the bathroom, and I slowly drift back to sleep.


2:30 P.M.


     "Allison." I hear and open my eyes. "You went back to sleep." "Sorry." He kinda of laughs and shakes his head. "Its okay, don't apologize." He says. "Aren't you hungry ?" He wonders and I shake my head. "Okay, I'll think of something. You can use the bathroom in the meanwhile." I nod and take off to the shower. 


     I walk in the living room wearing the same clothes I had on when I got here. "oh, sorry. I forgot to get some clean clothes for you." "Its okay." "I'll see some clothes, like, proper ones, later." I just give him small smile. "Let's go ?" he asks picking up his keys. "Where ?" "Eat. You can choose where." I stop on the middle of the apartment. "I would like to stay here." I ask, worrying what he might say. "Yeah, okay." He simply answers. "Aren't you going to argue with me, saying that I have to get out and face the world ?" "No, what use would that have, if you're not okay ?"  He asks picking up the phone. "So, what's going to be ?" "Chinese." I ask, already tasting the food on the tip of my tongue, and feeling much more at ease.  "Alright, I'll be right back." he says entering the room and closing the door. 



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