"liberum arbitrium"

It's from Latin.
It means that you're free to make your own choices.
And life it's made of choices.


2. Maybe a beginning



"Sometimes things happen and we don't pay attention to it, but at some point we realize that we should've."



September 19th - Friday

9:00 P.M. 


      I'm on my way to a date I never wanted to go. My friend thinks college is making me depressed, and I don't really know if I agree with her or not. Is it true that i don't go out much ? Yes. But that doesn't mean anything. Do I talk to anyone besides my friend Marry, the one that set this date for me? No. But that doesn't mean anything neither. I'm just not like every 21 years boy, I'm sorry people. I guess I'm just used to this life. A boring one. And it's okay, I don't feel like I'm missing much. 


     Sweet Disposition by The Temper Trap flows through the car while I watch the city get darker and the lights get brighter as the sun goes down. As I stop on a red light I see the people walking on the side walk and crossing the street. It's crazy to think how maybe I'll never cross paths with any of them ever again. The light goes green and I start moving coming back from my drifting stare, till a figure appears in front of my car. I step on the break as fast as I can, with my heart on my throat. A scared girl looks at me and runs to the other side of the road. That was an almost. I keep driving to the restaurant working on my breathing, and thinking about those scared eyes. 


    I arrive at the place Marry said I should meet her friend. I wait for a few minutes by the bar, and a pretty girl approaches me. "You must be Lucas, right?" She asks smiling. "Yes, that would be me. And you're Connie, I suppose." I say and she smiles. Maybe this will a good night. We get a table and we talk, talk, and talk till there's this annoying silence between us. I try to make small talk, but nothing really works. So after a few more failures, she excuses herself for the loo. I look around the place, trying to find someone else who might be having a bad time like me, but apparently every couple in the restaurant was pretty happy with their situation. Connie came back and said she was sick, she quickly left the table and told me to call her later. I sigh in frustration, already thinking about the lecture Marry will make later on. I pay the bill and go home. 


    Oh, how wrong my assumption about this night was. 



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