"liberum arbitrium" It's from Latin. It means that you're free to make your own choices. And life it's made of choices.


6. just fuck off

 "The worst, it's when I'm alone with my thoughts."

- Lucas -

September 22th - Monday 

7:15 A.M.

    I wake up with the ringing of my phone alarm. Time for knowledge. I get up and change. I look at the body lying on my bed. "Good morning Ally." I whisper even tho I know she won't hear me. I do my morning routine glancing at her once in a while. Even when I'm ready, at the door, I look back. I seat beside Allison and watch her sleep. She seems so calm, like there's nothing bothering her. I wish she looked like this while awake.

    My phone buzzes. I'm going to be late. I gently kiss her forehead. "I'll be back later." I say leaving a note on top of the pillow beside her. 


    It's in times like this I wonder why'd I choose the morning classes. 


12:50 P.M.


    "Hey pretty boy !" I hear someone shouting, already knowing who was. "Hey Melly. Is it really necessary to shot, every fucking time we see each other ?" "Of corse. What other way would people know I'm with you !" She screams the last part just to piss me of. "Please stop." "Okay, i don't think you would be able to go through the whole lunch with me on your back." "I can't lunch with you." "Why ?" she asks surprised. I open my mouth to explain, but how do you explain my situation ? "It's a long history." i say grabbing her arm. "And... ?" She asks. "You'll help me, and I'll tell you in the meanwhile." 


    2:10 P.M.

     I struggle with finding my keys, while Melly waits by my side. When I finally open the door I find Ally sitting by the door, probably waiting for me to arrive. With a jump she's up on her feet, saying something about how she wanted something. Her words were quickly muttered, in a way I didn't understand half of it. I take a step in to let Mary in, and Ally stops her mumbling. She looks up at Melly, who's taller then me in her high heels, and whispers a sorry, before rushing out of our way, into the bedroom. 

    "Okay, what was that ?" "What was that ?" Melissa asks, holding back a laugh. I look mad at her. "Shut up." I harshly spit at her, and she crunches her face. "My bad." She says holding up her hands and rolling back her eyes. I just scoff her off and go talk to Ally. "You don't have to babysit her. You know, right ?" I stop on my track.  "Look, thanks for the help, but could you just fuck off now ?" "She's just a confused girl, Luke. God knows how messed up I was when i was her age." "Yeah, and I here thought you would at least understand it. And don't act like you didn't knew, okay. I fucking talked to you, even asked for you to be kind." Once she sees I'm not messing around she takes a step back. "II'm sorry Luke, I just.." "I'll see you tomorrow." I say leaving her talking to herself. 


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