The Exposing Games

Pearlie Thornton is 23, fresh out of college and as unsuccessful as the Ugly duckling before the swan days. The only thing decent about her life is her boyfriend and her blog, and she isn't all that proud of her boyfriend. Ray Norton was a struggling actor, rich through his parents, and overly awkward. Not to mention she was a theist and he was atheist. Note the difference that one believes in a superior being and the other one does not. Pearlie and Ray are happy day her other precious thing in life is dissed, burned, and dumped. A man going by the name "Black Striker" bashes everything she has ever blogged about. He calls her blog ignorant and opinion based and how every life story on there is fake and over done. Within hours Pearlie's amount of supporters and followers drops my hundreds. Pearlie is determined to find out who this "Black Striker" is and take him down. It's time to expose the man behind the hate blog. Let The Exposing Games begin...


4. Black Striker (Filler)

One of the best known quotes among the teenagers of this generation is that oblivion is inevitable. The quote is so spot on I fell I must blog about it. Oblivion is inevitable but...i reject the fact that the word inevitable shall now bring up The Fault In Our Stars no matter where or how you say it. I prefer not to be visiting WalMart and having a casual conversation with the cashier only then to be interrupted by an overly preppy and joyous 13 year old because I uttered the word 'inevitable'. Oblivion is inevitable. John Green is an amazing author. And I, the girl that just happens to have an opinion on everything, disagree with the average routine that decomposes the mind of 13 year olds around the globe. Pick up To Kill A Mockingbird before quoting an infamous teenage novel that makes every hormonal girl want to have cancer AND Ansel Elgort. 

As I posted my blog post I thought back to one thing. Black Striker. Black Striker is anonymous but he shall be found. Today his post was directed towards my hatred for pop culture. 

If this ignorant female dislikes the pop culture of America then why the hell is she so rallied u p about it? In order to talk about the songs she hates so frequently she must listen to them frequently? This girl is basically begging on her knees for your attention and to be popular. How she got over 3K followers is a mystery to me. 

I thought about any witty remarks I could make to him while blasting my mix tape the featured the song Heroes by David Bowie on it twice. The only response I could think of was telling him to say that to my face but the fact that he could live anywhere on Earth made me rethink that. I just wish I could find him and speak to him and find out why he hated me! That's when an Idea sparked. 


"Hey Liz. Are you up for a good computer hacking party?" 


I feel horrible for not updating but I have been sooooo busy with school! This is just a filler but I will update soon! Remember the more likes and comments and favorites make me update just twinge faster! Bye! 


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