The Exposing Games

Pearlie Thornton is 23, fresh out of college and as unsuccessful as the Ugly duckling before the swan days. The only thing decent about her life is her boyfriend and her blog, and she isn't all that proud of her boyfriend. Ray Norton was a struggling actor, rich through his parents, and overly awkward. Not to mention she was a theist and he was atheist. Note the difference that one believes in a superior being and the other one does not. Pearlie and Ray are happy day her other precious thing in life is dissed, burned, and dumped. A man going by the name "Black Striker" bashes everything she has ever blogged about. He calls her blog ignorant and opinion based and how every life story on there is fake and over done. Within hours Pearlie's amount of supporters and followers drops my hundreds. Pearlie is determined to find out who this "Black Striker" is and take him down. It's time to expose the man behind the hate blog. Let The Exposing Games begin...


3. 2. Lies and Luncheons


I rolled my eyes and just followed him out. This is what I was talking about. Nothing ever works right with us anymore. We locked the then I headed over to the car, which was already running. Ray drove a silver Lamborghini Huracan LP 610-4 with red leather interior. It was a beautiful car with a hideous driver (metaphorically speaking. No one can deny Ray was good looking. Hot even.) And with a jerk of the engine we were off to this god awful luncheon. 


As we drove in the car Ray asked me to pull out a plastic box in the glove compartment. I pulled it out and asked him what it was. 


"Open it. I'll explain it when you do." 

I opened the cardboard, brown box and looked at the small diamond ring. It's a small heat diamond, just slightly bigger than the even smaller diamonds on both sides of it. The whole ring was silver but the heart diamond had a hint of was an engagement ring.


"Don't freak. I'm not proposing! I swear!" Ray's voice cut in. 

Thanks Ray. That totally makes me feel good, even if you're a jerk.

"My mom was getting on my back the last time we talked about how we shouldn't even be together and how it's just a fling so I panicked and got a little pissed and blurted out that we're in engaged." 

I had to grit my teeth and bite my tongue in order not to yell at him and call our whole relationship off. I counted to ten in my head and when I calmed down I answered his Royal Retard. 


"Why don't we just pretend to have a fight at the luncheon? Call everything off." 


"Yeah. That why I wouldn't have to deal with all those questions they are probably gonna ask." 

"But that means Them thinking we are completely done. Broken off in every way."

Would that be that bad? I mumbled under my breath,Hoping he didn't hear. 

" know I love you it's just I want my parents to except you so when I do propose in the future, we won't have to elope!" He said this with a crooked grin. I guess he heard me. 

"Yeah I get it. Love you too." 

With that our convo ended and we continued the ride to the overly expensive, snotty, and fancy country club. 




The country was big and beautiful, but overdone and a bit too regal. The men dressed in tuxedos and the ones who weren't in them dressed in sweater vest and tennis shoes. The woman all wore peachy sun dresses and heels that made them soar up, 6 inches taller. Even the children looked like they belonged at the Queen of England's wedding. I felt under-dressed even though this was the fanciest outfit I had. As we walked to the garden/tea area of the country club Ray told me what to do and talk about. He even wrote me flash cards on what to say and how to act. 

"Glad to see my lovely son here! And...her." Here comes the wicked witch of the rich. 

"Great to see you too HAGatha. *Cough* I mean Agatha." 

Ray elbowed me and told me to be nice. I wanted to retort with a 'I'll be nice when she does' but that seemed too 3rd grade so I just groaned and faked a smile. When we all sat down and the tea was served I was bombarded with questions (I had managed to hide the ring in my purse for the time being). There were so many questions I could hardly keep up. 

"So...Pearlie? How did Ray propose to you?" A lady in pink next the Agatha asked. 

"Proposal?" I questioned, trying to hide my devious smirk.

"Yes! Ray told us he proposed! Where is your ring dear? And when is the reception?' 

"I'm Sorry. I don't follow. Ray never proposed to me! It's much to early for that. Plus we haven't even had the big L word yet."

I claimed and It was quite true. Ray has said he loves me and I repeat the phrase but he has never claimed he was in love with me. 

"WHAT?!?!" Screeched the wicked wit- i mean Agatha. 

"Yup." I said. 

Ray kicked me from under the table.

"Now if you don't excuse me,I have a job interview in an hour in San Jose and with this traffic its going to take me about an hour and a half. 

And just like that I stood up, grabbed my things, and strutted out of that god forsaken rich people play ground WHILE- of course- calling for a cab. 



Was this any good? It took me two days to write this and I just feel like it's too short? Is it? idk but I HOPE YOU LIKED! I'll try to update soon but I have so much going on and my school just recently got a soccer team too so that is going to be added onto my plate. Not to mention i'm in Journalism, Drama, Yearbook, and Orchestra. Man, I'm busy. SO I WILL SEE YOU GUYS SOON! MAKE SURE TO LIKE AND COMMENT! YAY BYE!





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