Riley has been living in her sister Bailey's shadow since the day she was born.
Never was there a time when her parents asked her for an opinion.
But when Riley finally has her time to shine, will people finally realise who Riley McGee is?


1. Bailey, Bailey, Bailey

"Bailey, what would you like to watch at the cinema, dear?" My mum asked my sister. Of course she would as her and of course she wouldn't ask me.

"That one looks good," my older sister gasped while pointing at a trailer of a chick flick; my kind of hell.

"Great! Is that ok with you, Riley?" Mum asked me.

I nodded without looking at either of them. I had given up complaining, I gave up a long time ago.

Bailey had always been the family favourite from day one. As she was older than me, Bailey picked what after-school activities she wanted to do and when it was my time, mum just put me in Bailey's clubs regardless to whether I wanted to do that activity or not. Also, Bailey picked her own clothes and I got the hand-me-downs. Every piece of clothing was too pink and was not pretty at all.

I guess the only reason I never complained about these things was because my family was going through a tough time. My dad had lost his job, my mum had had it rough with her work colleagues. I tried to care about these issues, Bailey didn't give a damn.

As Bailey was a year older than me, she started high school a year before me. In that year, Bailey changed. She started spending time texting her new friends in her bedroom and going out shopping. The things she bought were disgusting. They were things like crop tops, high-waisted shorts, big boots and tons and tons of make-up.

Mum was horrified, dad thought it was okay unless she brought a boy home. She didn't bring a boy home but the people she did bring home were even worse.

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