I Smile Again


14. short

Question for you guys : Should i continue any of my old stories ?

Tonight, Eleanor and I were going over to Danielle's house for dinner. She was making delicious italian food and told us to dress casually. I just wore a plain white t-shirt and a pair of black knee-ripped skinny jeans with a bandana. Eleanor, as girl-like as always, wore a high waisted skirt and some crop top. She looked beautiful, don't get me wrong. We were in my car and the ride was silence except the 90's music, softly playing and watching the rainy New York from out of the windows. Raindrops fell on the front window and the sides one too, which disturbed me. I ignored the water and drove through the night with a hand on Eleanor's knee, and my thumb caressing it. She stayed calm, a little too calm for me to recognize her.

"El?" i asked and she turned around to face me.

"Hm?" she asked high-pitched.

"What's the deal ?"

"Nothing why?"

"You're just very... calm,"

"It's just work."

"You know you can tell me,"

"There is the interview with Mr. Malik tomorrow which pisses me off because i have to interview him."

"And do you think that you're not good enough?"

"No, i ... he... intimidates me." Excuse me? he what ? I really hope this won't go far between Malik and My Styles.


"He is so powerful and flirty,"

"Flirty !?"

"I'll tell him i have a fiancé!"

"Because you didn't!?"


"No! Eleanor i don't want you working with a man that's allowed to touch you!"


"Just tell him now!" i interrupted.

"For god's sake Harry! What's wrong with you?"

"I could ask the same to you,"

"I don't know the guy, the first thing i should tell him isn't that i'm about to get married !"

"Yes it is!"

"Harry, Do you realize what you're saying...?"

There was a moment of silence, anger boiling into me, i was annoyed, frightened, and disappointed.

"I'm sorry," i calmly said and she nodded, sighing.

"I'm sorry, he didn't touch me or anything don't worry. I would never let another man's hand be on me, okay?"

"Yeah, sorry." I pulled into there driveway and unbuckled my seatbelt slamming the door, I jogged over to Eleanor's side and opened it for her as she beautifully got out. I closed the door and pushed her against the car.

Eleanor's POV :

"You're mine." He whispered in my ears as my hands circled his neck tugging on small curls. His hands snaked my waist pulling me into him.

"I'm Yours." I repeated and he smashed his lips on mine.This was the perfect 'scene'. T was just like in the movies where you're in New York with your love and you kiss just after the rain. I smiled through the kiss and bit his lower lip.

"Danielle's probably waiting," he said and i nodded lacing my fingers with his, we walked into the Lobby where a few workers and janitors were walking around with broomsticks and mops in hands. It was a weird situation suddenly and i felt uncomfortable. When Harry and i got into the broken elevator, he circled my neck sideways and i just held my clutch tightly. Those fights just bred our love for each other.

"Hello!" Danielle squeezed me and kissed my cheek as i unlaced fingers with Harry, who stepped in hugging Maia and Tyson.

"Hi Danielle!" i squeezed back. When she let go of the embrace and closed the door, i admired the apartment. Cute, cozy, skyline view, fade decoration though, and simple. I was knocked by Tyson's jumping. I hugged the teenage boy back and smiled as i have missed him so much.

"Get off you sneaky bum!" Harry teased kicking Tyson gently.

"You're just Jealous Haz !" He teased back and i let them fight as i walked over to kiss Maia. She was beautiful. She had her mom's beautiful eyes and long hair, she was just an amazing girl inside too.

"Maia, you are a stunner !"

"Oh my, look at you!" she squealed back but blushed a little.

"Come on , let's go to the table! It's already set," she said holding my wrist and pulling me in the kitchen where a table for four was set. I walked a little faster than usual as Maia dragged me in, it was hard to walk in heels though but i managed the pain.

"Don't worry, Tyson eats in the living room, plus he's too young to talk." she smiled and let go of my wrist. Danielle told Harry where he should sit and i sat next to Danielle across Harry who had Maia on his side. I smiled at me and he bit his lip winking at me.

"I'm happy you could make it Harry," Danielle said finally sitting down.

"It's a pleasure Dan, and i'm not sure Eleanor ever came here," he said looking at Danielle then me.

"No. Never but it looks adorable!" I smiled.

"Thank You, So! How about we get you lovers served first?"

"Yeah that would be lovely," Harry said and i nodded. Daniele got up and took Harry's plate where she put some macaronis in and then served him some wine. I watched as the dark colored liquid fell in the glass and how Harry carefully tasted it. Danielle repeats the action with me and Maia who refused the wine and drank Coke instead.

"So, Harry told me that you guys are moving locations?" I ask after sipping on my drink.

"Yes that's true. How do you like the food?"

"Oh sorry, it's really nice!" i said and Harry agrees as well as Maia.

"Is your job doing fine?" Maia asks.

"Yes, yes it is." i nervously look at Harry and a flashback of the early event pops in my mind.

"There are a lot of people who became my friends and Harry's."

"Harry does need friends!" Danielle said.

"No i don't !" Harry winced back.

"Yes Harry, you do." Maia says and looks at Harry in an 'obviously' look.

"Why would you guys think that?"

"you work so much," Danielle said.

"Harry That's true." i admitted.

"Babe, where do you see me working a lot?"

"Just like 6 days out of 7 for four hours?" i reply back in defense.

"Tuesday, once we're settled in, i would only need you Harry to help unpack and then you have a paid week off." Danielle smiled. That would just be amazing for Harry and I!!

"No Danielle, never." He said before swallowing the food that he had been chewing.

Bored of their debate i played with the food inside my plate but politely. Not in a way where it would be offensive to the cook. Anxious, was how i felt. Scared for tomorrow's interview with Mr. Malik, was all that was in my mind.

"Aren't you eating ?"Danielle asked and rubbed circles on my cold back. I leant back up and looked at Harry confused.

"Yeah i am i just, love those moments. Where i can be with you guys and i'm wondering what would had happened to me if i died," I lied. I gave myself a mental high five at how my lie turned out to sound.

"Don't think about this honey, and we love your company!" Danielle said and the happiness in me washed away as i saw Harry's facial expression. I suddenly felt guilty.

"Danielle, this food is amazing you should teach me one day," i say trying to enlighten the mood and change subject.

"Whenever you want." The night ended well, between the jokes, flashbacks, song singings, talking and drinking. I wasn't expecting this night to be this way but it was and i was happy about this.

Harry's POV :

When we got home, i really talked with Eleanor as something else was bugging her and she didn't want to tell me.

"Babe, why were you so awkward in the beginning of the dinner ?"

"Harry, i don't feel like talking about it, just sleep." She kissed my bare chest before closing her eyes and falling asleep in my arms. I was annoyed by the fact that she was stressed, i disliked seeing her this way. I kissed her scalped fell asleep with Sleeping Beauty.

That will be all i'm posting this weekend sorry

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