I Smile Again


21. short 1rst part 20

"I would like to first say thank you for this amazing party to my husband, Zayn," Perrie pointed at Zayn who sat next to her. We all clapped and focused our attention back at Perrie who carried on in her speech.

"And then to everyone else such as Mrs. Malik, Trisha, and Mr. Malik, Yaser," we clapped again before looking at Zayn's parents who were elegantly sitting at the same table as Zayn and Perrie. They had come in about two hours before and looked pretty tired as they must have been very busy during the week.

"you guys are simply fantastic and i love you loads, whenever i come back from tour or anywhere that's far from home, i get surprised by lovely things, which i am very thankful for. I would like to make a toast to my husband's work and his parents. In the following months while i'll be staying here, Zayn will be working with 'Vogue' which is an honor for us because when i was in my teen years, Vogue was one big part of my life. I read it every month and now my husband works with it, so basically thank you to everyone for this and good luck!"

We all clapped again with smiles on our faces and joy fulfilling the floor. Zayn stood up from his chair as Perrie sat down. We all looked at him in concern as he didn't look too happy, maybe what he would announce wouldn't be good? We were scared.

"Good evening everyone once again, i hope everyone is having a good and enjoyable time because i definitely am. I wanted to let the new officers and workers in my enterprise and in 'Vogue' that every time my wife will be in town, we shall all be present. 'Vogue' will not always be with us, sadly, but take the positive side of it, we are working as a big company with a big company. We will invest loads and no one will be left out, we are together on this ship and i will never let you down," he spoke. Or didn't he? i'm shocked. My lips part and Harry's rubbing on my thigh stops, i can feel his gaze on me but right now i'm just shocked. Is that how he really is ? The Mr. Malik i know is severe and careless, perverted, and very strict in his work. The one i just saw and heard, is ... how to say, nice?

Nice isn't the word. Nice is too broad. Friendly or kind is the word. He looked gentle and careful, people want to hear more of him and i understand why Perrie and Zayn are together, they are perfect together. They are both rich and famous, elegant and classy, but mostly caring. I looked at Harry who was looking worriedly back at me.

"You okay babe?"

"Yea, what time is it?"

"12, in about ten to fifteen minutes,"

"we should probably head home now yeah?"

"are you sure you're okay? you love parties,"

"yes i'm fine, just a tad bit tired,"

"no, that's not it and you know you can tell me!"

"Harry, let's go home i'm not feeling well either,"

"fine, you go and talk to Zayn and Perrie while i talk a while with Louis and then we'll leave okay?"

"okay," i say and Harry kisses my forehead before rubbing my shoulder in circles with his thumb.

"I love you," he tells me.

"me more," i say fadedly. I wasn't in my best mood and i know Harry knew why.

I get up from the chair i was sitting in and hold on tightly to my clutch before walking towards Zayn and Perrie's table where everyone was smiling, laughing and eating. I tap lightly on Zayn's shoulder and he tilts his weight over the side to see me better.

"Sorry to disturb your dinner, but this party was really nice, Harry and I have to head home though,"

"It's okay Eleanor, have a great night," once again, i can't believe this is him.

"Bye Perrie," i wave at her and she was smiles widely before waving back and watching me dissolve in the crowd. I walked towards Harry and Nikki who were near the entrance door. Louis joined in my march and we both walked towards our relatives.

"Ready?" Harry says loudly in my ears, speaking loudly because of the music blasting.

"Yea, are you?"

"Let's go,"

"Bye Louis, Bye Nikki," I waved to the couple who were just finishing kissing, they were probably drunk as Louis was a big drinker, and in anyways Nikki shouldn't be drinking hard alcohol.

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